The introduction of futures has sank Ether's cryptocurrency?


Digital currencies are on track to end the week on a positive note with all major green coin exchanges at the start of Friday.


ETHUSD, + 4.47%

which operates on the ethereum network, endured the August selloff cryptocurrency burden of August, touching a low Tuesday of 11 months, with industry experts who they aim at the initial market of the currency in crisis for the reason of the crisis. However, the principal crypto analyst Tom Lee, managing partner of Fundstrat Global Advisors, said in a research note that the introduction of Ether futures from the Bitmex exchange could explain the recent decline of the second digital currency.

Citing an analysis by Justin Saslaw of Raptor Capital Management, Lee said that the decline of Ether "is more due to the launch of Bitmex on futures / swaps … and the impact of fundamentals is substantially lower than perceived liquidity remains a critical factor in the performance of digital assets, not surprising given the initial nature of these markets. "

Saslaw concluded that the introduction of two-way liquidity had attracted sales to the discovered, which can be attributed to the weakness of Ether.

The launch of token performance futures

Ether is trying to publish the third consecutive day in a row, trading 5.5% to $ 298.50.

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Bitcoin will trade at $ 15,000 by the end of the year, says the co-founder of the exchange

CoinCorner co-founder, a small cryptographic exchange based on the Isle of Man, said in a & # 39 e-mail to MarketWatch that the increased demand from wealthy individuals will see the world's largest digital currency pusher higher at the end of the year. "In recent months, the price of bitcoin has been $ 6,000, which we believe will continue for a while, but we expect the price to reach $ 15,000 by the end of the year," said Danny Scott.

"We are also seeing huge amounts of investments from people and institutions with a high net worth buying bitcoins in large volumes, which increases the interest and growth of cryptocurrency," he said.

A single bitcoin

BTCUSD, + 3.69%

changed hands last to $ 6.465.50, up 3.4% from Thursday at 17.00. on the Kraken crypt exchange.

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Elsewhere, other altcoins, or coins other than bitcoins, are traded higher on Friday. Bitcoin money

BCHUSD, + 4.63%

increased by 3.1% to $ 536.80, Litecoin

LTCUSD, + 5.74%

added 4% to $ 57.48 and the Ripple XRP

XRPUSD, + 7.49%

trades at 31 cents, up by 5.2%.

Futures lagged on the spot markets on Friday, but showed gains in early trading. The September contract of Cboe Global Markets Inc.

XBTU8, + 1.49%

increased by 0.9% to $ 6.445 while the CME Group Inc contract in August

BTCQ8, + 1.25%

increased by 0.7% to $ 6.450.

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