The impersonator said he replaced Luis Miguel in Argentina


During the conversation with the medium, the man assured that he had signed a contract with the interpreting team of ‘La bikina’ from a very young age, because From a young age they told him that he was very similar to the artist; only until he was a teenager did he take advantage of it.

In the speech and in connection with his statement of having supplanted Luis Miguel on some occasions, the journalist of the medium asked the double of the controversial concert offered by the singer in San Luis, Argentina, in 2010.

In case of doubt and despite the alleged confidentiality agreement signed by him, the man commented:

“What happened in San Luis was the following: a Channel 13 reporter infiltrated the locker room and he saw a Luis Miguel enter from the right and another exit from the left“, And the subject then suggested that he could have impersonated the singer, who allegedly has already met his missing mother.

Furthermore, the Argentine added that, due to the controversy this event generated, his return to Buenos Aires had to be done by land, since the media were with their eyes on the performer of “When the sun warms up”.

It could have happened, why not?“The man added, and sowed doubts about the above.

Below are the statements that Luis Miguel’s double made on the Caracol Televisión news:


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