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The impact of cryptocurrency on the video game industry

it would seem almost impossible for anyone to be interested in online games
the sphere did not find the term cryptocurrency in the last two
years. The growing excitement on cryptocurrency and new conversations
over bitcoin and blockchain have been difficult to lose. So with this
revolutionary way to buy, sell and transfer money online, what
exactly the repercussions will be for the world of online games. Here we will do it
look at the impact of cryptocurrency development on the current world of
online games and where this could potentially lead to the future. It is not so
it matters whether you are in first person shooter video games or playing for free
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the cryptocurrency has an irreversible effect on the sphere of play.

How is it used in games now?

I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways of cryptocurrency
used in their latest titles. After all, many video game worlds already
use their own game currency that allows players to buy and sell items.
However, in some cases, games actually lose money when virtual goods, skins or
updates are sold to other players without their permission. So, in these
circumstances, the introduction of secure cryptocurrencies in the sphere of games
can help solve this problem of the "gray market" and see developers keep their profits
on. To help regulate this problem, these game developers are working alongside
cryptocurrency builders to introduce resources that are available only for
buy using in-game cryptographic coins. This safeguards the way in play
transactions are made and creates digital objects that players can actually own. Enjin
Coin, for example, has tried to do just that. Enjin Coin uses Etheruem
blockchain (the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin) to give players
and developers a new platform through which they can distribute, exchange and buy
virtual objects.

What impact will it have in the future?

the full potential of the use of cryptocurrency in video games has yet to be
realized, some interesting developments are already visible at the horizon.
Expanding on the previous point, developers and game designers are looking for
ways in which in-game purchases can be tokenized using cryptocurrency. In this way
it could have a profound effect on the way players play more games. For
For example, if a developer creates two completely different titles, one a
for example first person shooter and the other is a fantasy strategy game for example –
introducing cryptocurrency and allowing players to own their own
digital objects, these objects could be transferred by that player for use in
various games from the same developer. While it is unlikely that cryptocurrency will change
gameplay itself and will have minimal impact on real entertainment
experience offered by popular titles, essentially will open the whole
videogames sphere.

Potential problems to pay attention to

the problem that has captured the attention of developers is the notion that
The introduction of a cryptocurrency has the potential to make unfair games giving
some players have an advantage regardless of their abilities. The designers are also
be wary of allowing cryptocurrency to influence engaging patterns and becoming
more important than the game experience itself.

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