The impact of Blockchain on e-commerce


Blockchain has transformed online markets by itself. The trading sector is also interrupted by blockchain because sharing information and money through this platform is simple and simple. Through this, traditional e-commerce platforms will become obsolete. Alibaba is investing heavily in blockchain R & D and Walmart and Unilever have partnered with IBM technology giant.

Advantages of the use of Blockchain

The blockchain is structured decentralized and has no third parties or intermediaries. Its users run it completely without any central platform.

The benefits of blockchain are:

Quick transactions

There are no regular working hours for this platform. Blockchain works 365 days a year and can be accessed from any region and any time zone. As each transaction is carried out within the network, no type of approval is required from intermediate institutions. This process makes transactions smooth and hassle free.

Less transaction costs

The absence of intermediary institutions means that there are no additional costs to pay and the distributed database needs less maintenance, saving money in the process.


Blockchain is an open source technology. There is no central entity that owns and maintains the platform. So, there is no need for policies for this market. Furthermore, many users track data so that they can not be tampered with. Thus, it increases the security of the whole system.

Data security

Nowadays, data are currently stored in a central location and controlled by a central part. This involves risks to information security. Since the blockchain is decentralized, the data it contains is also decentralized. It is virtually impossible to hack a whole blockchain. Thus, implementing blockchain in e-commerce protects data.

Blockchain workplace mechanism

The blockchain is a platform where buyers and sellers firmly connect and the transaction is executed without interference from third parties. Buyers and sellers communicate with each other on the blockchain platform. Sellers publish their products and buyers make purchases. Organizations are trying to solve real-world problems in the financial sector through blockchain technology. They want to do it with smart contracts between buyers, sellers and lenders and by providing quick payment payments.

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