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"The idea is that the transition is similar to that of countries like Chile"

20 January 2019 07:25
Updated 20 January 2019 at 7:37 pm

Juan Guaidó, president of the National Assembly and head of the Presidency of the Republic, offered an amnesty so that the army would leave Nicolás Maduro and opted for a transition process similar to that of Chile.

"We have already offered an amnesty plan for the officers, which can lead to new desertions and abandonments in the government's support base," Guaidó said in an interview published Sunday in the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

The President of the Parliament said that there are currently 159 active military prisoners for insubordination, and that in recent times there have been almost 3,000 victims of people who left because of the economic and social crisis that crosses the country.

"Over there it is possible to see that it is a matter of time for a growing number of them to join us," he added.

Asked whether to extend the amnesty to pro-government politicians, Guaidó said that every case is different, but that his idea is that the transition is made as it was done in countries like Chile.

"If this is the cost to recover our democracy, at first, I see no problem in giving amnesties to Chavez politicians," he said in the newspaper.

He also stressed that there are many problems that Venezuela has accumulated over the last few years and, in this regard, has indicated that, if they reach the government, they will need international aid and a good political and economic strategy.

"First, the priority is the end of the dictatorship and the demand for free elections," he said, and then say that, in the event of a hypothetical electoral victory, they would fight the humanitarian crisis, the epidemics and the lack of of food and medicine. .

"We will open our borders to international organizations and partners so that they can help us." Then, there is a long process to stabilize the country, and this goes through strengthening institutions, normalizing the relationship between the Powers ", He said.

However, he stressed that he is not yet seen as a future candidate, but as "the leader of the National Assembly in a very delicate and hopeful moment, which is to return to democracy".

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