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The Huobi Exchange derivatives market adds EOS Cryptocurrency support which starts immediately


The Huobi derivatives market includes EOS Starting Now

The third largest encrypted company in the world, Huobi, has now announced that its derivatives market will start to support EOS. The information was originally released via an official press release. At present, Huobi has a volume of over $ 500 million USD per day and is the third largest company in its niche.

Now traders can take both short and long positions using EOS tokens. Huobi he made this decision as a way to meet the demands of customers, who wanted more markets to invest in and EOS is a good resource.

The information is that the contracts will support price, position and order limits up to 20 times the lever. The rates, indicates the ratio, will be only 0.02% for producers and then 0.03% for buyers. Taxes must be paid when investors open and close their positions.

Users will be able to use contracts for buy and sell EOS at predetermined prices in the future, which allow you to bet on the market and take advantage (or lose) from the trends.

The official announcement of Huobi on this market took place at Cryptofrontiers, an encrypted conference in New York last month. At the time it was claimed that the markets would be available until the end of the year.

At the moment, EOS It is trading around $ 2.35 USD on a small downtrend, which follows the entire market as it loses value after a short run led by Bitcoin this week.

Other companies plan derivatives

Other big companies like OKEx, the second largest encrypted exchange in the world now, have also launched their new derivative products. The most recent in OKEx is the Perpetual Swap, which is a virtual derivative that was created to allow users to bet on the future of the Bitcoin price. Swaps do not have expiration dates and can be kept forever, though.

The second largest stock exchange in the world, NASDAQ, also plans to release Bitcoin derivatives. This, however, will only happen in 2019.

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