The HTC Exodus 1 & # 39; Blockchain Phone & # 39; it's here and it's overwhelming


This week the first reviews of the HTC Exodus blockchain phone 1 were published, while the "Genesis Block" pre-orders started to be shipped. However, threatening to steal the lightning from HTC came applications of Samsung's encrypted brands, speculation features could reach the beginning of next year.

HTC Exodus Arrival

So it's finally here; 7 months after its May announcement, the first units of HTC Exodus 1 were shipped. During those 7 months, the hyperbole has flowed, but the real details have been poor; so what do we know now has arrived?

It's not much, apparently. A YouTube review of BitsBeTrippin left more questions than answers, partly through the inability to connect the phone to a network.

With Android O, the phone still looks pretty good, with a translucent back case that exposes its bowels. And the default Web browser on the phone is Brave, which pays users as a native BAT token 00 to look at advertisements.

Dead at the arrival?

The auditor was not sure of the requested status of the telephone as a node. The phone works like a "lite & # 39; on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and (recently added) Litecoin networks?

Apparently not, according to a preview of LifeHacker, which states that every phone is a node in the blockchain network of HTC.

This probably allows network users to exchange cryptocurrency with every little one at no cost. The compromise, one might suppose, is that the benefits of the use of the safest blockchain in the world (Bitcoin) with its resistance to censorship, pseudonymy, etc. They are lost since the transactions pass through the HTC network. Although the details on HTC's blockchain are scarce – and frankly, I'd rather not trust HTC (or any other company for that matter) with my money.

In addition, instead of a cold storage solution, which would store private keys offline, Exodus uses a social key recovery system. You can select up to five friends who each have a "fragment" of your key to unlock the private enclave. However, if one of them loses access to your device, you are shy.

In other words, it's probably best to continue using your Bitcoin wallet app and / or archive your off-line funds in a hardware portfolio like a Ledger or Trezor.

Samsung Crypto-Ship Ahoy!

So, with the Exodus 1 which accelerated the emergency exit, Samsung was left to fulfill our hybrid wallet / phone wishes. Samsung presented three trademark applications in the EU, for Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain Key Box and Blockchain Core. I wonder what could these concern?

Other excavations carried out by SamMobile have revealed plans for a two-part cryptographic solution, including a cold storage portfolio and a warm transfer portfolio. The rumors suggest that they may even emerge in the Galaxy S10, which should be launched at the start of next year.

It remains to be seen whether this materializes and how successfully Samsung implements it. We should also remember that Exodus 1 is still very work in progress, and continuous development should see improvements over time.

Would you like a hybrid device with wallet / smartphone? Share your opinion below!

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