the hacker game has fallen victim to real hackers


The Ubisoft studio responsible for the future of Watch Dogs: Legion appears to have fallen victim to hackers and the source code of the future game has reached the Internet.

According to a report released by Rock Paper Shotgun, the release of Watch Dogs: Legion could be sabotaged by hackers after they sabotaged one of the Ubisoft studios with ransomware. Because they refused to pay the reward for unlocking or recovering their data, the ransomware specialist Egregor ransomware group posted the information they held on the Internet.

Among the files put online is no less than 558 GB of data with the source code of Watch Dogs Legion. In theory, the initial threat was that this volume of data would go online on various file-sharing platforms in October if no Ubisoft official contacted the hacker community behind the attack.

The authenticity of the data has not been confirmed by third parties until this time, but according to information posted on a site that is offline right now, the hackers have also gained unhindered access to the entire Ubisoft network, including personal data. and unsecured passwords. Egregor claims to have also obtained sensitive data related to Crytek, the developer of the Crysis series.

In Ubisoft’s only statement on the matter, the company spokesman said he acknowledged the situation and launched an internal investigation into “a potential data security incident.”

If genuine, unconfirmed at this time, the attack could endanger the game developer rather than the game itself, especially if the stolen data ends up including personal information about Ubisoft employees.

As for the usefulness of the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion in the hands of hackers, this is not very clear. In theory, it could be used to modify the game or to create cheats, ways to cheat. On the other hand, any vulnerability can be covered by an update and those who cheated can be removed from the game forever.

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