The group said it sold COVID-19 negative test certificates


The COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded hundreds of situations we had not previously experienced. But it also showed the worst of many people who, with their behaviors and attitudes, have shown that they are taking advantage of a disaster to illegally satisfy their interests.

However, and fortunately, scams aren’t always good. Proof of this is that the police managed to detain a group of 7 people who were selling negative COVID-19 tests at an airport in France. The criminals carried over 200 forged certificates on their smartphones.

Gang had over 200 forged certificates on smartphones

The pandemic has also helped reveal the darker side of many people who care little about what is happening. In this regard, a group was arrested on Thursday 5 November for selling negative tests for COVID-19 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in France.

The gang consisted of seven members, including six men and one woman, and had more than 200 fake certificates on their smartphones. These certificates contained information that the person had given a negative COVID-19 result.

According to information, the criminal group's goal was to sell these certificates to passengers departing from the French airport. This is because travelers have to prove they are disease-negative in order to travel.

Passengers wearing a mask due to COVID-19 at Charles-Gaulle airport

Counterfeit COVID-19 certificates could cost up to 300 euros

The group was arrested after the certificate of a passenger traveling to Ethiopia was found to be false.

Each of the certificates was sold for values ​​that could reach 300 euros. And they contained real names of medical labs in Paris that test SARS-CoV-2.

According to the AFP news agency, the seven people ran an unlicensed baggage packing business. However, they have seen their income decrease due to the smaller number of people currently traveling.

The group is now accused of forgery and complicity in fraud, a crime that could lead to a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of € 375,000.

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