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The great ideas of the Blockchain project include a bicycle that can make you encrypt like you

A blockchain-based platform states that it is the first to put all users and operators of the ecosystem at an equal level and has defined its vision on how the platform will develop in the coming months and years.

Transcendence describes its blockchain as open source and decentralized, and states that it offers full compatibility with existing systems such as AmiCloud, an Internet-based file repository and a file-sharing function and the indieGO app store.

The company claims that its platform offers an open market for developers and artists, offering content creators a way to interact through a decentralized messaging service that provides an option for private communication.

The portfolios for Telos Coin, the Transcendence native cryptocurrency, are made available through eight operating systems. In addition to Windows, iOS, Mac, Android and Linux, support is offered to those using AmigaOS, AROS and morphOS.

Through the online Web portfolio for Telos, the company claims that users no longer need to store their private keys or use an offline portfolio, adding that transactions can be completed quickly and easily. In addition, users have the opportunity to receive payments for the services they offer, with merchants able to integrate the TelosPay system into their website, if they wish.

"Full infrastructure"

In a video explaining his offer to consumers, Transcendence said that his Telos currency is based on a PIVX technology fork. The clip adds: "Low power consumption compared to other Proof of Work coins means that Telos Coin offers an extremely low entry point, which means that there is a significantly reduced entry barrier for users. enjoy the benefits and security of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. "

The project claims that its infrastructure is fully developed and based on a "decentralized and democratic peer-to-peer model". Transcendence believes that, in practice, this means that no single entity has the ability to stop its network from functioning – and this means that funds remain secure and protected at all times.

One of the main services offered by the project is a dashboard where users can send and receive coins, check their balance and monitor current exchange rates for Telos in one place. The Transcendence team says that creating a well-designed and user-friendly dashboard was a priority.

The next steps

In his white paper, Transcendence has also defined a series of projects in which users will be able to use Telos Coin as payment. Among these is ProfitCycle, a concept that allows enthusiasts to encrypt to earn the currency while traveling by bicycle in everyday life. An app acts as a portfolio, navigation system and community hub and directs the user to places where encryption can pass. Power banks are used to power the technology behind ProfitCycle and allow the cyclist to keep his or her cell phone always charged while on the move. When the product is launched, customers will have the opportunity to purchase a kit to adapt their existing bicycle or buy a completely new one supplied with the technology.

Meanwhile, CryptoMages is a trading card game that will be launched on the blockchain of Transcendence. In addition to online monthly contests and a global classification system, the project plans to release physical decks for cards that players could use to memorize Telos Coin in the real world.

Transcendence was born from an idea of ​​Pascal Papara and Telos Coin has already been listed on five stock exchanges, including Graviex, SouthXchange and BiteBTC.

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