The “generous” feature hidden by Apple in iOS 14.2: older phones are privileged

Apple’s practices in recent years have been the subject of many scandals, but it seems that the Cupertino giant has decided to make a gesture of generosity.

Apple has become a very easy company to criticize lately. From slowing down phones to forcing yourself to buy a new smartphone to removing headphones and chargers from the iPhone 12 case to earn some extra cash, it’s clear that users are pretty low on the priority scale. The Tim Cook-run company now has a single priority, making more money this year than a year ago, to keep shareholders and investors happy.

With the release of iOS 14.2 a while ago, however, Apple seems to have looked down on people who don’t buy the more expensive iPhones. For this reason, without bragging about it at all, it allowed owners of iPhone 8 or later to have video conversations on FaceTime at Full HD 1080p resolution, a resolution that was previously limited to 720p.

This significant quality update was not mentioned in the list of technical features included in iOS 14.2. For reference, all official news included in the respective iOS version can be found here.

Apple’s gesture is even more impressive, given that we are talking about terminals launched in 2017, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X or later, all can make video conferences at Full HD 1080p resolution. The very affordable iPhone SE launched in 2020 also enjoys the same treatment. In the past, they were all limited to 720p. The only iPhone generation that included the ability to FaceTime calls at 1080p resolution from the factory was 12.

However, there is still a discrepancy between the iPhone 12 and the rest of the phones in terms of FaceTime. The latest Apple smartphones offer you the same quality over 5G, while the rest of the devices mentioned above don’t have the same privilege over 4G. As a technical detail, the newer iPhones have a 12 megapixel front camera, only the iPhone SE 2020 is limited to 7 megapixels, so the limitation in question did not come from the camera.

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