The future of XRP and xRapid according to Major Union Credit Union


Future plans for Ripple's xRapid XRP are currently being developed by Catalyst Corporate Credit Union Union.

The company's CEO, Kathy Garner, states that the company serves more than 1,400 members and credit unions clients in the United States and aims to use the cross-border payment solution to increase payments in Mexico.

"One of Catalyst Corporate's major efforts in 2018 was to create a strategic partnership with Ripple, the leading payment blockchain provider, and we aim to send international payments to Mexico through Ripple's blockchain solution. known as "Currentz", secure cross-border money transfers can be completed in just a few minutes. "

The general manager of the catalyst, Brad Ganey, said that xRapid is offering companies an economic way to abandon traditional cabling services.

"The traditional international experience in the cable industry can not meet today's expectations in terms of price, speed and ease of use.The Blockchain technology, and in particular Ripple's xRapid product, solves all three of these challenges. at the same time. " Ganey keeps saying, "Catalyst Corporate, through the technology platforms of our subsidiaries, will exploit the XRP digital asset to transfer money across borders instantly on behalf of our more than 1,400 affiliates, and we have signed a production contract and are currently building our plan."

However, the company has not yet announced when it is planning to launch.

Market analyst and author, Peter Brandt gave his opinions on the native token of Ripple, XRP. The commodity trader says that the digital asset is rewinding.

As reported by Daily Hodl, when Brandt says that the term 'wrapping & # 39; means that there is a technical sign that suggests that a big move is in the headlights. Despite this, they can move up and down.

Before the infamous Bitcoin and crypt that occurred last year, Brandt predicted it would happen. In a tweet published last year, Brandt told his followers that he is not an enemy, even if he has issued a bearish statement.

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