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The Future of Ripple and How 2019 could be the year for the ripple (XRP) – Crypto Recorder

Ripple XRP could be one of the most controversial market currencies to date, being also one of the fastest as stated by Ripple CEO and founder Brad Garlinghouse.

Since the controversy in the first point refers to the fact that the Ripple Foundation is facing various allegations about the alleged centralization, being also accused of using XRP for the foundation's personal initiatives, Ripple is having some time free from the negative news as all the charges were rejected, followed by the announcement that the foundation will promote xRapid.

xRapid is actually the only product created by the foundation that actually uses XRP, so in the spirit of pushing the adoption of their native currency, there are already banks lined up to test XRP and xRapid in the same way as xVia and xCurrent are used and tested.

Furthermore, Garlinghouse states that XRP is 1000 times faster than Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, enriched by external forecasts that the next year of 2019 will be the year for XRP.

What does the future hold in Ripple and XRP and that 2019 can become the year of XRP?

Garlinghouse Claims Ripple is "1000 times faster and cheaper than Bitcoin"

Not surprisingly, there are faster currencies in the market than the original currency, Bitcoin, since most of the forks in the original chain have faster processing times with lower commissions.

Bitcoin becomes increasingly expensive year after year, while transaction validation takes longer. In this scenario, currencies such as Ripple, which is considered a quick and economic method for the transaction of monetary value, have a great chance to stand out as a potential threat or more benevolent competition.

In one of the last interviews, Garlinghouse said it was not focused on the price of XRP, but is rather looking for different ways to use Ripple's blockchain technology, adding that Ripple has proven to be one of the most efficient currencies that are working to solve the problems that are active in the remittance payments sector.

At the San Francisco conference in 2018, Garlinghouse also added that Ripple is now 1000 times faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, stating that XRP will be used to design a decentralized open source product that will solve today's payment problems.

In addition, the foundation is intended to officially release xRapid as a product that could be used by several banks and financial institutions, thus pushing the adoption of XRP. The official version of the product is scheduled somewhere in October of the following year.

2019 could be the year of XRP

With over 120 banks and financial institutions belonging to Ripple Net, the network of supporters of Ripple, which dominates as an alternative payment system in contrast to traditional banking systems on 6 continents in over 40 countries, XRP stands out as one of the most promising currencies in the market.

With XRP payments it takes no more than a few seconds, with average processing times of 3 to 4 seconds, also recovering an economic solution that also allows micropayments.

With the foundation pushing the adoption of XRP through the imminent release of xRapid as a product already tested by numerous Ripple partners, it is not difficult to imagine that Ripple is destined to further consolidate its domain by transferring it to the company. next year also.

The team representatives also stated that the general plan for the adoption of Ripple and the adoption of their technology is to have a bank that joins the network every week, which should further increase their dominance in the remittance market.

From XRP to Cash in to Matter of Seconds: Ripple on ATMs in Japan

Thanks to the partnership with Wirex, which is actually a UK-based bank, which allows for the highest exposure to cryptocurrencies, Ripple's XRP can now be exchanged directly with cash in seconds with the Japanese ATMs.

Wirex provided support for XRP which led to the protected debit card, supported by 40 million merchants worldwide, with the ability to exchange XRP in cash in seconds on some ATMs in Japan.

If the fruits of the Wirex and Ripple partnerships that brought XRP to its debit card and immediate collection in Japan are just a glimpse of how XRP's future might be in the course of the next year, 2019 could also bring Ripple on the top. .

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