The future of Ethereum Classic after the listing of Coinbase


The Ethereum Classic (ETC) Coinbase's list saw the price increase of the currency get to $ 20.00 from the $ 9.00 lows. There has been a substantial increase of 30% since August 14

It's no wonder, since the listing exposes the currency to another 20 million traders who currently use Coinbase. Secondly, following this list, other exchanges will be seriously considering the listing on their platform, particularly since the price rally should continue towards the high

Ethereum Classic is outstanding, it is time to I buy it?

On August 6, a day before Coinbase's announcement was listing the Ethereum classic, Robinhood – an uncompetited trading application, currently accessible to at least 20 states in America – announced that it was listing on their platform, making it two ads in two weeks. Is it likely that prices will go even higher? And is it time to buy? Well, for speculators, it's a sure yes. The classic of Ethereum is almost certainly destined to exceed even $ 14.00, perhaps up to $ 16.00, but probably b And followed by a correction in the market that perhaps will see that it will settle around $ 10.00 or $ 11.00. However, going a long way would not be the worst idea, let us not forget at the beginning of the year has reached historical highs of $ 40.00 and the crypt still has the support of some of the major players.

New players entering the cryptographic market will most likely stumble on Coinbase, the main cryptographic exchange in the United States, or Robinhood, due to its free trading function, although it is still limited in some states. This means that Ethereum Classic will be exposed to a whole new market and the even better news is that it is one of the cheaper encrypts listed on these platforms at the moment.

An investor who tries to prove the market will opt for a low-priced coin, one that they know can rip good profits even with small investments, and, above all, those they know offer few risks. The Ethereum classic will probably be this coin, as it is among the top 20 on the market and is relatively well known in the market.

And it is also possible that the Ethereum classic goes high, up to $ 40 even, in the long run from has already been there, has tested these levels.

In February this year, the classic of Ethereum was traded at $ 40. During this period, most cryptocurrencies were starting to creep into the red zone from the highs of January. This shows that the currency has a certain resistance to the market. Even though the currency has started to plunge and in the last weeks and months has been trading far below these levels, it is still clear that it has great potential and there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Before the end of the year, we could see the classic Ethereum rally at around $ 20.00, but this will be difficult to overcome if the market is still as low as it is now. There must be a general impulse around the entire market, which is most often triggered by bitcoin prices. For example, if the SEC decides to approve the ETF CBOE proposal, this could trigger a price rally that saves the entire market.

If you think about the market in terms of risk and reward, then the plan would be bought at as low a price as possible, making sure you lose as little as possible and make as much money as possible, then sell as high as possible. If you look at it this way, then Ethereum classic offers the best bet for making good money.

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