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The long-awaited result of the union between Verge (XVG), Tokenpay (TPAY) and Litecoin (LTC) will materialize very soon. And this epochal event will introduce another was in the encrypted space.

For a while the Vergefam anticipated the issue of the Verge debit card anxiously. And whenever questions are asked about when it will be available, the answer is mainly that they are waiting for their Tokenpay strategic partner.

The importation of a Verge debit card on the verge community of dedicated followers is bound to be surprising. This is because it will broaden the scope of the crypto because the Vergefams who are oriented towards mass adoption will praise it as they will be able to facilitate the transactions that use it.

The Genesis: Taking a closer look at The Verge (XVG), Tokenpay (TPAY) and Litecoin (LTC) Trifecta

Tokenpay (TPAY) made a big contribution to crowdfunding which saw the successful partnership of Verge (XVG) and Pornhub acquired a stake in a WEG AG bank based in Munish in Germany and transferred the participation to Litecoin (LTC) giving life to an exceptional union of purpose.

This triplet of blockchain powers came in the most amazing way. Let me give you a brief summary.

Verge (XVG) undertook a crowdfunding campaign to sign an agreement with Pornhub and TokenPay (TPAY) contributed to the crowdfunding effort that helped Verge achieve its dream of a partnership with Pornhub.

This timely intervention by TokenPay has led to TokenPay Partnership (TPAY) -Verge (XVG).

Charles Lee the founder of Virilified Virgin Litecoin on its partnership with Pornhub claiming that merchants should not in any way be bribed by the cryptographic project to get their support.

The Chief Executive Officer of TokenPay, Derek Chief, in defense of Verge (XVG) rebuked Charles for criticizing development while failing to support it.

In an interesting twist of the event, this war of words between these two at the end culminated in a partnership TokenPay -Litecoin with Litecoin obtaining 9.9% of the stake in the TokenPay bank acquired.

The relationship that is the result of this collaboration is symbiotic, not parasitic, since each one helps in turn.

LTC, TPAY, XVG Friendship is a non-parasitic symbiotic relationship

The advantages that would derive from TokenPay (TPAY) include the acquisition of technology and world-class marketing expertise from Litecoin (LTC) as well as the following advantages of Blockchain:

  • Tpay Criptovaluta
  • Asset Management of TokenSuisse
  • eFin Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • Multisignature Transaction Engine
  • WEG Bank FinTech platform

Since Verge is part of this triad, the XVG currency and the Project will also enjoy these benefits, especially in debit cards and merchant services that will be made available through the WEG bank, TokenPay and the Litecoin Foundation.

There is also the aspect of the TokenPay decentralized exchange facility that will provide support for both the LTC and XVG base pairs. This would further accelerate the adoption of both cryptographic resources in cryptographic exchanges. The implication is more visibility and demand for them.

So how is it …

Months after the partnership, although the issuance of cryptographic debit cards is still pending for Verge (XVG) and for the rest of the market, Verge shared news about the Tpay team working with Litecoin. This alludes to the fact that Verge is closer to getting his cryptographic debit card according to the XVG representatives on Twitter.

In sealing their partnership agreement, Litecoin and TokenPay decided to work together on common goals. Although Litecoin obtained 9.9% of the German WEG bank that TokenPay had acquired to expand its ecosystem, both TokenPay and Litecoin are planning to acquire 80% of their bank bets. This development, when it materializes, would allow the issuance of encrypted debit cards, also adopting the mass adoption of encrypted ones at the next level.

This scenario shows that TokenPay (TPAY) would still keep the promise given to Verge, which implies that Verge (XVG) is still set to become the first encryption to get its debit card with TokenPay.

The issuance of promised debit cards will probably be available for TokenPay and Verge when additional bets are purchased as indicated.

The Verge team congratulated TPAY for working with Litecoin (LTC), stating that cryptographic debit cards will arrive soon,

Derek Capo supports this premise while his Twitter post on October 22, 2018 revealed that he announced to CNBC that investors will soon be able to participate in the growth of the encrypted bank based in Germany by buying shares using TPAY, LTC and XVG.

In conclusion

The partnership between Verge (XVG), Tokenpay (TPAY) and Litecoin (LTC) will soon come to fruition as the trio joins the hip as a single large family of crypts. A family that would continuously lend a hand to the other to foster mutual success in the crypto and blockchain industries.

Image Credit: Chepicap.

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