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The frequency of the new Al – Fajr sports channel

New channel Al-Fajr Sport frequency direct transmission alfajer tv That has increased the search frequency in its very recent and due to the transmission of distinct content, and enjoyed it New Dawn Channel With great interest in all countries of the Arab world in general, and Al-Fajr enjoys a high percentage of views, although the frequency of the new Dawn Channel is a local television channel for the city of Tulkarem in Palestine, received great consensus among Arab spectators. It was founded in 1995 and directed its content to the Palestinian people and to all the countries of the world.

The frequency of the new Dawn 2018 channel, which is called New Dawn TV, has taken the Al-Fajr channel to provide a unique coverage of Palestinian events and issues, and the content of the new Al-Fajr channel presents the latest developments in the world. Palestinian arena. The Al-Fajr channel is also interested in sports and transmits sports games, whether local, Arab or international, and does not stop what Al-Fajr has broadcast previously, but has content distinguished by local and international news, as well as many different programs .

Video of the new Dawn sports channel

The frequency of the new channel Dawn 2018, which offers interesting and attractive content of the drama, especially the periodicals that the channel was able to attract a wide variety of followers of different levels and of all ages.

Al-Fajr sports channel broadcast live

Here we offer you the frequency of the live Al-Fajr sports channel, which allows you to watch directly on the Internet live in high quality without cutting.

To access the live broadcast frequency of the Al-Fajr channel, Click here

Al-Fajr sports channel broadcast live
The frequency of the Al-Fajr sports channel is now live

New frequency of the Dawn channel

The moon frequency Coding speed polarization FEC
Nile Sat 11748 (v) 27500 vertical 3/4
Nile Sat (v) 10922 27500 vertical 3/4
Nile Sat 12398 (v)
27500 vertical 3/4

The frequency of the dawn channel on NileSat

  • Frequency: 11748.
  • Polarization: vertical V.
  • Coding speed: 27500
  • FEC (error coefficient): 3/4

It is worth mentioning that the Al-Fajr channel has achieved its wide fame through the provision of content that has been able to find acceptance among Arab viewers. Al-Fajr adheres to the Palestinian and Arab identity. The channel offers all that concerns the Palestinian citizen. The channel has assumed responsibility for transmitting the suffering suffered by the Palestinian citizen Under the brutal Zionist occupation, Fajr is the voice of Palestine for the outside world and the international community, and to show the atrocities, violations and brutal attacks on Palestinians by the Zionist occupation.

New Dawn TV Show

  • Facebook Facebook logo Stay connected.
  • Ahmad Al – Shukairi.
  • Arab Talent Program.
  • Ramez plays with fire.
  • Point of the program and a new section of Sheikh Ammar Manaa.
  • Facebook Facebook logo Stay connected.
  • Arab Got Talent.
  • Fatwa and fluorescence program that offers the virtue of the Mufti of Tulkarm Sheikh Ammar Badawi

The most famous series presented by the new Al – Fajr channel

  • Demino series.
  • The Barrett series.
  • Khatoon series.
  • Al series – Khanka.
  • Serial serial
  • Daily text series.
  • Serie Al Baz.
  • At the Sham Series.
  • The series of the spirit cry.
  • A series of passion for crime.
  • The valley of the wolves.
  • Mamoun & Partners series.
  • Serial hot door.
  • The Godfather's series under the belt

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The Al-Fajr channel also provides news of the stars in Arab countries, the channel also offers numerous concerts, as well as direct events of festivals and exhibitions, in particular of culture.Al-Fajr channel also includes Al-Fajr documentary films also covers events sports and tournaments And sports magazines for many Arab countries.

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