The founder of Dogecoin (DOGE) Jackson Palmer on his alleged "wealth" from cryptocurrency


Dogecoin was created by a joke by Jackson Palmer, an Adobe product manager. Joking the abundance of altcoins that explode in the wake of Bitcoin's popularity, Palmer tweeted cheeky in November 2013 he was investing in a new fictitious currency called Dogecoin.

"Sure enough it's the next big thing," he joked.

The site and the project are intertwined with tributes to his mascot, a Japanese shiba inu dog and the word of the coin spread rapidly through the Internet thanks to an innovative campaign of guerrilla marketing that uses the features of the Doge meme.

Palmer interrupted his involvement in the project a long time ago and does not foresee any return. Contrary to popular belief, he did not become rich from Dogecoin.

he tweeted last week:

For the millionth time:

"I have never become rich as a crypt."

– I own zero Dogecoin

– These facts do not mean that I can not find interesting technology

After recalling that "rich" is a relative term, it has also given concrete numbers:

I've always only had about 5 million DOGEs and I've tipped or donated almost everything in 2014.

Apparently Palmer did it only to make fun of the crooks and snake oil sellers who held ICO and raised money from naive buyers using the cryptic frenzy of last year. It also manages a YouTube channel where it focuses mainly on easy-to-elaborate technical explanations of various projects.

It has also created, a useful resource that provides data on the level of decentralization of cryptographic projects.

As explained by cryptoinsider, in order to pose this perplexing question, he has chosen five criteria that include the number of entities that control more than 50% of the hash power, the percentage of supply of coins held in the first 100 portfolios, the number of manages the protocol of the currency, the number of public nodes live and whether the miners or runners of the nodes are incentivized or not.

Accordingly, the otherwise reasonable and rational investigation "Are we still decentralized?" Gets an answer from a technical, political and monetary point of view. This is all we need to know about the most important cryptocurrency projects to get an objective view of the state of development. A more centralized currency is definitely undesirable, as it is more likely to fail as a result of malicious attacks or government intervention. The more decentralized ones should attract more investors, developers and community members, as all the monetary, engineering and ideological boxes emerge to become interesting and useful.

Dogecoin is currently in 21st place based on its market capitalization with $ 237 million invested in it. A Doge costs $ 0.02 per currency and falls by 89% from its historical maximum and 43% less than in the year. However, it has surpassed the bitcoin of a staggering 190% in the last year, so there is not.

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