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The former CIA agent says "Blockchain is the biggest threat to America"

Source: War on the Rocks

In the last year, as a cryptocurrency community, we have heard a lot about adoption and the so-called "experts". they talk about how the bitcoin was a bubble and how it would explode.

However, most people, including large players, all agree on one thing: blockchain is the way to go. Now a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, Andrew Bustamante, has said that blockchain technology will be the biggest threat and that "anyone who can understand technology wins first".

In a Reddit thread dedicated to Bustamante's "daily spying", the former intelligence officer talks about the most risky missions he has been in and what the US government knows, among other things. In an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, he was asked: "What do you think is the biggest threat to American national security in the next few years?" Russia climate change Iran North Korea or something? "

Bustamante said, "Chain-block technology, no joke, super-powerful stuff, and the first to figure out how to hack, manipulate, or bring it down." His answers were greeted with a user who said, "It looks like Australia may be in agreement with you – when Craig Wright claimed to be Satoshi (aka the creator of bitcoin (s)) his house was attacked fairly quickly. "

Obviously, that comment gave rise to a completely new discussion in which a user asked the former CIA agent, whether he intended the blockchain or quantum calculation to which Bustamante observed, "fair enough".

Another user said: "FWIW quantum computing is heavily misrepresented and exaggerated in many ways, except one.Mathematics.It will fundamentally change the mathematical calculation forever.Will it turn your computer into a super-powerful AI? But just like adding a video card that crunches math better than the CPU to render video, quantum computing will most likely end up as an add-on for traditional computing platforms / technologies that will greatly increase our ability to quickly crimp the numbers. This means that cryptography will be permanently altered, so apart from programming errors, quantum computation will probably allow us to "break the chain of blocks." Also, Andrew is completely right about the first to create it … Please google around and checkout the existing cases of theft.The biggest robberies in history are now all oriented towards the blockchain in terms of monetary value ".

While this is shocking in itself, since blockchain is one of the strongest and most immutable technologies in existence today, it bodes people to think about whether they can be hacked.

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