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The first three ways in which Bitcoin, Crypto Assets and Blockchain could change in 2019


Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have become coupled, and what influences one – generally tends to influence the other in some way. In retrospect, 2018 was a rather eventful year, which brought many changes, especially compared to 2017.

However, while some of the changes had a negative development for them, there was also a lot of progress regarding the technological advances of crypto and blockchain. Now, since the year is just a few days from the end, investors are trying to come to terms with their losses, and at the same time look to a brighter future.

According to many, in 2019 many conflicts could finally be resolved, and whatever the final result, it will change these technologies in one way or another.

The Return Of Venture Capitalists

Most people agree that venture capital funding is long gone, a thing of the past. Blockchain-based startups turned to crowdfunding to kick off their businesses, which allowed them to show their ideology as a major product from the start.

In fact, they have to do this to attract investors and, as decentralized services, they have to stick to it until the whole community decides that change is necessary. The large centralized enterprises that have succeeded in the past can still introduce changes in their ideology and choose to interpret it differently, according to their needs. So far, things have been different for Web 3.0 startups.

However, some experts believe that things could change in 2019 and that companies will start relying on VC for funding, despite the fact that crowdfunding will probably remain relevant.

New cryptographic evaluation models

The crypto space has lost most of its market capitalization in 2018, and total market capitalization is currently around $ 127 billion. It is also important to note that this includes over 2000 different coins and tokens. At the same time, there are about 14,000 companies worldwide that accept cryptography, even though most of them still focus on Bitcoin only. Many would say that the rate of adoption is growing and that the use of dApp could be the main method for entering a crypto.

However, only with regard to Ethereum, there are only about 10,000 dApp users worldwide. Trade on decentralized exchanges is also not growing as fast as expected, and some estimates say there are only 700 users actively operating on them on a daily basis.

This led some experts to conclude that the evaluation metrics used for cryptocurrencies are wrong and need change. In order to improve adoption, the parameters will have to be revolutionized, and coming to this conclusion in 2018 could mean that the first steps towards achieving this change could be made in 2019.

Exploring cryptographic space

Even now, 10 years after the launch of Bitcoin, the opinions of crypto they are mostly divided into those who support and believe in them, and those who are ready to call it bubble or scam. Meanwhile, several crypto-startups are trying to break through and make their business successful. Some of them are based on hype and therefore fail to provide, while others work silently and show results.

As for large companies, there are also those who are openly against digital money or those who are trying to remain neutral but are secretly trying to explore the space. The Cryptos have been called a bubble since the beginning, but it's already been 10 years and they have not gone yet. In reality, they are constantly growing. With the shift towards ever-increasing encryption, it is essential that these companies learn to accept that change is coming.

However, to do so, they must investigate further, and do it carefully and seriously. Some believe this could also start in 2019, while others argue that it is still too early. In the meantime, the criptos are gaining more and more influence and those wishing to remain relevant will have to make a decision soon.

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