The first sports platform in collaboration with the world is available on Ethereum


DALLAS Sept. 8, 2018 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Founder of RotoHive Anthony Adams wants to create the best forecasts for the fantasy sports of the world. But it is not creating this data alone. Instead, Adams relies on a global network of science fiction fans to make predictions about its new RotoHive platform.

And, if your predictions are good, it is rewarded.

"We are trying to harness the wisdom of the crowd and apply this knowledge to science fiction predictions," Adams said. "Over 50 million people practice fantastic sports every year and yet there is virtually no collaboration between these sports enthusiasts. Everyone is working on the same problem in isolation. RotoHive will change this."

The goal of RotoHive is to take users' forecasts and create metamodels around these collective data. Adams states that these meta-models could eventually outperform any single guru or fantasy resource, making the models rather valuable to the billionaire fantasy sports community.

Launch Sunday 9 September for the kickoff of the NFL, RotoHive is free to play, offers weekly prizes for top users and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are assigned two cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Roto, the platform ERC-20 token, to perform well in tournaments. Roto acts as a stakeout mechanism and a way to show trust in user predictions.

Adams believes that RotoHive can attract new users into the Ethereum ecosystem by having a unique and traditional use case.

"The first generation of decentralized applications was largely composed of existing ideas with the addition of a token.We are now witnessing a shift to native blockchain applications – applications and concepts that could not exist before the blockchain technology.RotoHive is an example of such a project. It is an emotional moment. "[19659002] With the exclusion of an ICO, RotoHive distributes Roto tokens to new users as part of a free airdrop. The intent is to get the Roto token in the hands of the end users and not the speculators without the intention of using the RotoHive platform.


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