The first sci-tech themed fund failed to raise money behind 4 sci-tech 50ETF lists


  The first sci-tech themed fund failed to raise money behind the list of 4 50 sci-tech ETFs

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Today, four 50 sci-tech ETFs attracted many investors as soon as they went public and the fund with the highest turnover exceeded 2.1 billion yuan at close.

However, at the same time as the ETF Science and Technology 50 is hot, reporters also noted that some fund companies have failed to raise science and technology-themed funds. This is also the first fund that has not been issued since the launch of the science and innovation themed fund. What is the reason behind it?

The first fundraiser of the Science and Innovation thematic fund has failed

Since the launch of the Scientific and Technological Innovation Council, research on science and technology funds has continued and the proportional placement of funds issued in the previous period is often observed.

And a year later, when these science and innovation-themed funds produced eye-catching performance, the science and innovation-themed fund was a goal that individual investors continued to pursue.

Wind data shows that as of November 15, the best performing science and technology thematic fund this year had a return of over 80%, and the most recent year’s return was close to 100%.

However, reporters recently noted that the Fiery Science and Innovation Thematic Fund was also liquidated. According to an announcement from a Shanghai fund company, one of its three-year science and technology-themed funds announced the bankruptcy of the issue after a three-month fundraising period.

This is also the first time a fundraising failure has occurred since the inception of the Thematic Fund for Science and Technology. However, the reason may not be that individual investors are not buying it. The real reason is similar to the failure of many fundraisers before, and this is the problem of institutional funds.

According to the reporter’s interpretation, the fund intends to target institutional clients from the very beginning of the application. After the launch of the Sci-tech Innovation Board, many companies of the fund’s major shareholders are also hoping to use public funds to participate in the investment in the Sci-Tech Innovation Board. Due to the outbreak and other reasons, the plan changed, which ultimately led to the fundraiser failing.

An insider said: “This change in institutional funds may have an impact on the investment side due to restrictions on risk exposure.”

It is worth noting that there is also a one-year science and technology thematic fund declared with the fund. The fund is positioned as an individual investor. Although it is also in the fundraising period, according to the reporter’s further understanding, the fundraising of the fund has been regular, or will.The fundraising will end soon.

The turnover of Kechuang 50ETF exceeded 4.5 billion yuan during the day

While institutional investors’ enthusiasm for underwriting was affected, individual investor enthusiasm not only continued, but also spread from off-market to on-site.

Today, 4 Kechuang 50ETFs were officially listed for trading and the opening price was even higher. Some 50ETFs have opened directly more than 8 points higher. Although there have been significant drops since then, the volume of trading has increased. At close, the cumulative transaction exceeded 4.5 billion. The 50 ETFs with the highest trading volume exceeded 2.1 billion yuan.

From the previously announced listing announcements, it can be seen that the main holders of the four 50ETFs are mainly individual investors, accounting for over 80%, of which 3 individual investors account for 90%. the above.

Prior to the listing, industry insiders said: “There are many factors that influence market trends. Ordinary investors may not have a sufficient understanding of the direction of ETF investments and are unsure of when to invest in. ETF “.

Sure enough, when the price opened higher in today’s early trading, many investors rushed in. Judging by the price at the closing price, these investors should be in a state of fluctuating losses.

Also, on the morning when the price premium was sizable, brokers reminded early underwriters that if they only consider short-term holding, they can sell earlier if there is a premium.

The profit settlement brought on by the high premium actually drove these 50ETFs’ transactions to some degree. Now that the price has dropped, the 4 50ETF premium has essentially been eliminated.

Industry experts suggest that investors should start more with the investability of the index and the trading attributes of ETFs, learn more, and avoid chasing the buy or sell.

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