The first official comment on the news of the cancer and the deterioration of the health of the actress Abla Kamel


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Today, Tuesday, several social media pioneers broke the news of Egyptian actress Abla Kamel who is suffering from cancer and that her condition is serious.

The artist Ahmed Kamal, the former husband of the artist Abla Kamel and the father of his daughters, wanted to deny this circulating news and wrote a comment on his personal page, saying: “The artist Abla Kamel is in good health , and the news about his health, lies, deceptions and the desire to make cheap gains at the expense of Great Artist. “

A member of the Theatrical Professions Syndicate, Ihab Fahmy, denied reports that the big star, Abla Kamel, had cancer. Fahmy said through his “Facebook” account: “Six Abla Kamel is fine, and let’s hope he’s not driven by fake news, and thank God he’s fine.”

In statements to the newspaper “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, the head of the representative professions in Egypt, Ashraf Zaki, denied that Abla Kamel had cancer, stressing that he was in good health.

Interestingly, Abla’s latest dramatic work is the entire “Salsal Al Dam” series, and he was co-starring with artist Riyad El-Khouly, Ola Ghanem, Menna Fadali, Randa Al-Beheiri and Amira Hani.

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