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The first image of the 8-day-old child in a well in Spain

An unprecedented rescue operation takes place a week near Malaga to save the child.

An image of the baby, published by El Mundo, provides an important clue to rescuers, who are now sure that Julen has fallen into the deepest well.

In the photo appeared in the Spanish magazine, made by the family shortly before the tragedy, Julen appears with a bag of snacks in her hands, a bag that the rescue teams found in the well.

It is not known whether the child survived, but a major drilling operation began in the area.

Children will dig with their hands

"We hope this work can be done as quickly as possible and that the weather is now more favorable than it has been," said engineer Angel Garcia Vidal, who coordinates the technical team.

The instability of the soil and the hardness of some rocks have made the landing and drilling procedures particularly difficult.

When a certain depth is reached – the level of the child – other minors will be used to dig a link to the main well, a phase that could take about 20 hours, according to TVE.

There is no sign that Julen would be alive. The accident happened when the boy was playing near his parents who were at a picnic.

Julen's parents lost another child, three years old, who died of heart problems.

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