The first editor function disappears behind a payment barrier


Google has been testing the changes in the Google Photos app for some time. One of these changes could ensure that not all options are enabled for users of the free version or that advanced image processing options are only achievable for members who pay for Google’s “Google One” membership program. Notably, Google is currently testing some users to hide the “Color Pop” feature behind a payment barrier or Google One subscription.

“In Google Photos, Color Pop is a feature that is still available to everyone for free for photos with in-depth information (like portrait mode),” a company spokesperson told Engadget. “As part of an ongoing rollout that began earlier this year, Google One members can apply the feature to even more photos of people, including those without in-depth information.

This means that one feature is basically free, but some special offers are reserved for paying customers. Personally, I don’t find it bad if a service provider also wants to earn through an app. This is probably better than typical Google advertising on Google Photos, which is probably one of Google’s best apps.

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