The first 7 blockchain startups to keep an eye on in 2018 and 2019


Blockchain is very fashionable in the circles of startups these days. It's because technology is so versatile that it can be applied to anything from financial services to application development to the Internet of Things (IoT). Perceiving the opportunity, many start-ups do not waste time putting the blockchain in use for various solutions. They are getting loans to millions and are on the way to hectic growth. If you're curious about who the movers and shakers are in the blockchain startup space, read on.


Keywords: smart contracts, chain linking, payments

Smart contracts are the future of digital payments and services. SmartContract, the rightfully called blockchain startup, is a leader in this space. It provides an intelligent contract service that already allows contracts and payments between major banks and payment platforms such as HSBC, Chase, MasterCard and PayPal. The advantage of using the blockchain to govern contracts is that contracts avoid intermediaries and are therefore cheaper. Moreover, with contracts defined as code, they have the same clarity as traditional contracts and can be applied automatically at each stage of the contract.


Keywords: Connected Devices, Industrial IoT, Blocklet

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Blockchain has the potential to improve many types of applications, including those in the industrial sector. Filament is aware of this and has a solution to help industrial devices communicate with each other and be better controlled. Filament can transform a normal industrial machine into an intelligent device that emits messages about its performance and activities. Filament does this using a proprietary USB Blocklet device that connects to any industrial machine via USB and transmits data from the machine to the larger network. Filament has a complementary Blocklet software that interfaces with the Blocklet device. It works in closed local systems or in cloud environments. The advantages of using Filament are that the blockchain-based device communication protocol is reliable enough to bet on your business. Soon, Filament plans to implement even smaller and more efficient microchips than current USB powered devices. Filament is one of the blockchain startups that brings together the best of two worlds: blockchain and IoT.


Keywords: Tokenization, investments, ICO, smart contracts, TrustToken

<img data-attachment-id = "954978" data-permalink = " future-bitcoin-cryptocurrency-currency-money-btc / "data-orig-file =" "data-orig-size = "960,635" data-comments-opened = "1" data-image-meta = "{" openings ":" 2.5 "," credit ":" http: / / / "," camera ":" NIKON D7000 "," caption ":" Future Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Currency Money Btc "," created_timestamp ":" 0 "," copyright ":" Copyright by MaxPixel "," focal_length ":" 50 "," iso ": "160", "shutter_speed": "0.01", "title": "Future Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Currency Money Btc", "orientation": "0"} "data-image-title =" Future Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Currency Money Btc "data- image-description = "" data-medium-file = "×198.jpg" data-large-file = "http: // gwordpress / wp-content / uploads / 2017/12 / bitcoins.jpg "class =" aligncenter wp-image-954978 size-full "src =" 12 / bitcoins.jpg "alt =" startup blockchain [19659013] CoinList takes its name from how it started – an initial money supply (ICO) organizer of a file storage launch called FileCoin launched on AngelList. An ICO is similar to an IPO as both aim to raise funds from investors. However, unlike an IPO that occurs after the product has been completed and the company is under negotiation, ICO occurs while the product is under development. An ICO provides project owners with financial support during product development, allowing them to sell a stake in their company in exchange for real or bitcoin. These ICOs are also referred to as "token sales" and have become a popular way for Bitcoin-based startups and blockchain to be operational. CoinList simplifies the management of token sales and, to date, has raised over $ 800 million in token sales for various startups.

CoinList's ambitions are beyond cryptocurrencies and blockchains. He aimed to bring offline transactions online using smart contracts. Its TrustToken platform allows you to assign a value to any offline resource: real estate, industrial equipment, books, music and practically anything that can be sold. Encodes the value of the asset and the terms of an agreement in an intelligent contract. CoinList is trying to revolutionize the way financial services occur and are a startup to watch if you're interested in seeing how the blockchain revolutionizes the financial sector.


Keywords: cross-border payments, banking transactions

RippleNet uses state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize finance. However, he is not interested in the new world of cryptocurrency. Rather, its customers are banks and other financial institutions. Specifically, RippleNet specializes in the execution of cross-border payments in real time. This is a big problem because to date transnational transactions cost a lot, require many days of execution and have a high failure rate. RippleNet is out to change all this. By leveraging blockchain technology to manage the transfer, RippleNet is able to make the payment process clearer and ensure payments are made in real time. While other blockchain startups may seem to be wading into a futuristic territory, RippleNet has its feet firmly planted in the reality of today's banking scenarios. With many banks registered all over the world, RippleNet is already creating waves in the blockchain and banking world.


Keywords: Ledger as a Service, tokenization, sequence

With a name and a simple but envious domain website, Chain manages all types of books for applications. Find applications in mobile wallets, cryptocurrency apps, or even travel-sharing apps. Aimed at application developers, Chain's promise is to allow developers to focus on creating excellent apps and not having to scale and keep their books. Chain is the system of recording important information such as the currency balance for each user within the app. Like all our blockchain startups, Chain is ready to solve an important and specific challenge. With a laser focus and a clearly defined target audience, we can expect to hear many things about this startup in the coming days.


Keywords: application delivery, decentralized internet

Blockstack is trying to bring the power of blockchain to the way we use applications. Today, all web and mobile applications are offered to us via a third-party server, platform or API. Blockstack wants to break this mold and store all information about the application in a decentralized way. Rather than using public services, it relies on private resources to run the app. Use a trust-based system to authenticate users, so there are no logins. The advantages are that the application is decentralized and more resilient against downtime and attacks. In addition, users can relax knowing they really own their data and are not under the custody of third parties.


Keywords: Security, peripheral devices, industrial IoT, access control

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Xage is taking the decentralized approach of the blockchain to protect the peripheral devices operating in the industrial sector. Because its platform is decentralized by design, Xage is more resilient to downtime and has strong integrated redundancy. Offers greater control and visibility on security policies by applying policies to IoT devices. Xage enables access control for devices, users and applications. Applicable to a wide range of industrial scenarios, Xage has the potential to usher in the IoT era without all the security concerns that come with it.

Blockchain start-up: bringing technology to the next level

Whether it be contract management or currency balances, help edge devices that communicate with each other, or that protect them end-to-end, interrupting the banking sector with alternative payment methods or by strengthening existing payment platforms with real-time transactions – blockchain is doing everything. These blockchain startups are the cream of the crop in the blockchain ecosystem. If nothing else, show that blockchain is here to stay, and it's not just a passing fad. Unlike cryptocurrency, which is full of controversy over its perceived value compared to the real one, blockchain is a technology that solves the problems of the real world for today and is doing all of this in a way that is hard to ignore. Keep an eye out for these blockchain startups if you're interested in perceiving the pulse of the blockchain ecosystem in the coming years.

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