The Filipino ambassador to Brazil beats the domestic worker


The diplomat, who also had jurisdiction in Colombia, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela, was caught by a security camera while attacking a Filipino domestic worker, who worked in your residence.

In the video, shared by the newspaper O Globo and published on various social networks, Mauro can be seen repeatedly beating and berating the 51-year-old employee.

According to the authorities, The images of the attacks were collected by an embassy employee and served as evidence to file a complaint against the official in early August., pointed to the form.

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, quoted by the newspaper, reported that the domestic worker left Brazil last week and who will cooperate in the investigation of the case.

“The employee left Brasilia on 21 October. We will guarantee your well-being and your cooperation. Additionally, we ordered the ambassador to return immediately after the video was released, “he added.

Finally, O Globo pointed out that Mauro –Decorated last October by President Jair Bolsonaro– You will have to appear and answer for these acts of abuse against employees.

The Philippine ambassador to Brazil was caught severely beating a domestic worker


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