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The FARC ask the Colombian government to hold peace talks with ELN

The head of the former FARC guerrilla, Rodrigo Londoño, on Saturday asked the president of Colombia to hold peace talks with the ELN rebels, accused of having attacked a police academy in Bogotá with a & # 39; car bomb.

In a letter sent on social networks, Londoño warned that the decision of President Ivan Duque, who concluded Friday the dying peace process with ELN, would multiply acts of terror, as the attack last Thursday who left a balance of 21 dead and 68 injured.

"Let's avoid that in Colombia, your children, your mothers and fathers, do not let the total war fall", wrote the leader of the party of alternative revolutionary forces (FARC), emerged from the peace agreements signed with the former Marxist guerrillas in November 2016

Previously, the Duque again asked Cuba to hand over the ELN negotiators in their territory since they began peace talks with former president Juan Manuel Santos in 2017.

Hosting and guarantor of the frustrated peace negotiations, the government of Havana assured, for its part, that it would respect the commitments established in case of breakdown of the talks that aimed to put an end to an armed uprising of more than half a century.

In the public letter, Londoño also called for the efforts of ELN, which must "show signs of its desire for peace".

"The rapture and the terror do not take place today, nor the terror of the state, nor the crimes of the leaders and reincorporati", he insisted.

For the moment, the National Liberation Army (ELN) has not commented on the attack assigned to it or on Duque's decision.

The end of the kidnappings and all the "criminal activities" of the ELN were the conditions imposed by the president to sit at the negotiating table, since he took office in August 2018.

The guerrilla considers these conditions unacceptable, as it agrees with the Santos government to hold talks to Havana in the midst of the conflagration in Colombia.

Londoño's request is joined by that of left-wing leaders such as Senator Iván Cepeda, who are asking the government not to desist from seeking peace with the country's recognized guerrilla war.

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