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The explosion of a bus left at least six injured in Guatemala

At least six people were injured by the detonation of a grenade in a passenger bus in Guatemala City.

The spokesman for the Municipal Traffic Police (PMT), Amilcar Montejo, said that the attack was perpetrated against a unit on Route 32 of public transport, in particular in a sector of zone 7 of the capital.

apparently a woman who has had amputation of her fingers with both hands It was the one that activated the device inside the bus.

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According to the spokesman for municipal firefighters, Edwin Villagrán, the woman with the amputations has been identified as Mirna Elizabeth Juárez, 19 years old.

The young woman and the other five wounded were taken to the Roosevelt hospital, whose director, Marco Antonio Barrientos, identified them as Reyna Isabel Gramajo, 63 and with splinters in one leg; Mario Enrique Alvizures, 26 and with splinters on his face; Marta Flora Peres, 32 years old and with one-leg wounds; Nicolás Cot Méndez, 79, with a tear on his face and Dorian Noelia Pérez, 23, who has his hands on his knee.

the you are injured are in a critical situation, but they are stable, said the director Barrientos.

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The head of Guatemala's human rights defender, Jordán Rodas, condemned the attack on passenger transport and said that the fact "constitutes a clear violation of human rights".

Rodas asked that the public ministry investigate the attack and find the minds and the Ministry of the Interior asked him to prevent the wave of violence and to take actions to protect the lives of the inhabitants of the country.

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