The executive Blockchain Capital says that people will regret not investing now


A Blockchain Capital partner said he believes investors will regret not buying at current low prices.

We are in a few days in an unusual upward run (at least for this year) in the encrypted market, and there is certainly a more positive sentiment around – even if it could be that Christmas cheer.

Spencer Bogart spoke about the "Fast Money" segment of CNBC, emphasizing his bullish prospect:

"Could Bitcoin go to $ 50,000? Absolutely, it does not have the same type of price-to-earnings, an enterprise-to-revenue value that normally poses some sort of upper limit or ceiling on a typical early-stage technology company.

How long will it take? I'm not sure."

At the time of writing, a Bitcoin is worth $ 3859 compared to the $ 3191 minimum reached only four days ago on December 15th. Some "altcoins" have worked even better, like Stratis, which has increased by 52.57 percent only in the last 24 hours.

A $ 15 billion has been added to the market capitalization since yesterday, according to CoinMarketCap. The total limit rose from $ 113 billion on December 18th at 00:02 UTC to $ 128 billion on Dec 19 at 13:32.

While it is too early to call the end of the bear market that has defined this year, it seems we may have – or are close – the starting point.

Boggart warns that there may still be price volatility and Bitcoin could even drop to $ 1000 but any price between this and the place we are in today presents "a great buying opportunity". He adds: "When we look back at 24 or even 12 months from now, we will say" why did not I buy it then? "

Behind the scenes, the fundamentals of blockchain technology are improving dramatically and it will not be long before we witness an adoption of the real world. Bitcoin's adoption of the Lightning network is one of these developments, which helps "make extremely cheap and extremely fast transactions".

While Lightning provides out-of-chain, more recent scaling coins they are working on solutions that can scale the chain. Komodo, for example, has reached 20,000 tps in a live public test and is currently working with Amazon Web Services to get the infrastructure needed to achieve a sustained result of one million transactions per second – equal to a total of 100 million payments per second.

Following these lines, Boggart highlighted the "quality of talent" that enters the space and the "best and brightest" are coming to "work on Bitcoin".

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