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The English must say what they want now

In view of the British course to Brexit, the German foreign minister Heiko Maas appeals to the London parliament to clarify immediately. "Ultimately, it's not enough to decide what you do not want in London, but now they have to decide what they want," said SPD politician on the ZDF program "Berlin direct" on Sunday. The global agreement with Brussels for the withdrawal from the EU rejected by the Lower House was already a compromise, underlined Maas. Renegotiations are difficult, because among the 27 remaining EU states there are many who are no longer willing to do so.

Commenting on the scenario of a second Brexit referendum, Maas said he was giving advice to the United Kingdom. However, it would still be "very preferable" if the country remained a member of the EU. "But honestly, I do not think it's the most likely variant."

Maas was skeptical of reports that the British government was considering the possibility of concluding its contract with Ireland, a member of the European Union, to avoid strict border controls in the British province of the United States. Northern Ireland. How it should work, it was not clear, said Maas. "I have a vague idea of ​​what the British government wants to negotiate with Dublin, or what additional agreement it should be."

On Tuesday, the British House of Commons clearly rejected the May agreement on Brexit with Brussels. However, the prime minister resisted a vote of no confidence the next day. This Monday, he wants to present a new solution to Parliament, or at least a calendar.

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