The emotion that moves the world and causes well-being


Search for the file congratulated It is a task that the human being carries out day after day. Nobody wants to suffer and we all want to smile and feel full. Happiness it is a positive emotion that looks a lot like joy, but it has its marked differences.

Further, it is based on well-being and satisfaction that we experience under certain circumstances. It is, therefore, an emotion that will manifest itself according to each subject.

Have you ever wondered what makes you happy?

Happiness is the product of getting what satisfies us; which almost always refers to personal or professional achievements.

Also, it says emotional state it also appears from simple factsLike watching the sunrise, walking in the park, visiting villages, learning new things, eating chocolate or reading a book.

On the other hand, this feeling is conditioned by some factors such as the personality and their characteristics. Furthermore, interpersonal relationships play an important role.

Another element that determines the intensity of happiness It is the choice and achievement of the set goals.

Economic aspects Since goods and resources also induce feelings of happiness, because even if money does not provide this emotion, if it brings peace of mind, less stress and worries for the future.

Genetic factors and demographic variables they also play a leading role.

Happiness and its effects on a physical and mental level

On a physical level, there is an increase in heart and respiratory rate. They also increase muscle tone and skin conductivity.

There is a drop in blood volume and body temperature. On the other hand, there is an increase in blood pressure.

As for the subjective, full of positivity and provides emotional well-being, a key point to achieve goals and achieve goals.

In addition, there is an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence is projected. In fact, well-being is palpable.

Furthermore, the processes of creativity accelerate and learning certain things becomes a little easier.

In terms of social contact it becomes easier to establish relationships with third parties and a strong sense of cooperativism develops.

Strategies to be happier every day

Happiness is the most coveted good of human beings.

Day after day, this emotion is the engine of millions of people around the world, to realize it or to keep it as a constant companion in life.

There are some guidelines that help to be happy, whether with small things or with big events.

First set real goals and targetsThat is, measure your limits and your abilities, because otherwise you will not be able to concentrate and exploit your full potential.

Also, it tends to become an obsession when what you want is not achieved; thoughts that make us believe that we are not worthy to be happy.

That’s why we insist, be aware of what you want to achieve so as not to become a victim of frustration.

One of the basic principles of Buddhism is that everything is conditional, especially suffering, because in order for good emotions to come first, we must be tested by suffering.

Create your mental support to withstand adversity.

In relation to this, consider all the aspects that make up your life, that is friends, work, school, entertainment, everything!

That way, when one of them fails, you have something to lean on to deal with bad spells.

Happiness is also possible when you print love in what you do, or are you good at something you may never have thought about doing but turned out to be good.

Finally, surround yourself with positive people whose skills and vibes benefit your life and align with your goals.

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