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The economic summit of Lebanon decides to finance projects in Palestine and achieve Arab food security

The Final Declaration decides to remove the obstacles to "free trade". Completion of "customs union". Adoption of the sustainable energy strategy 2030 .. Implementation of the common market for electricity. A unified vision of the digital economy. The elimination of multidimensional poverty

The fourth summit on economic and social development held in the Lebanese capital Beirut today affirmed the collective Arab and Islamic responsibility towards Jerusalem and invited all Arab and Islamic countries and organizations, Arab funds, civil society organizations and private sector to provide the necessary funding for the implementation of the projects mentioned in the Sectoral Strategic Development Plan In East Jerusalem in coordination with the state of Palestine.

The summit also decided to invite the Member States to increase the resources of the Al Aqsa and Jerusalem funds of 500 million dollars and to quickly invite the countries that have not fulfilled their commitments to this effect and decided to invite the Ministerial Councils Specialized Arabs, the Arab Parliament, Develop means to mobilize public support for the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Sectoral Development in Jerusalem 2018-2022 in coordination with the State of Palestine. It was also decided to adopt the Arab and Islamic intervention mechanism to implement the strategic plan for sector development in Jerusalem 2018 Through coordination and communication with the State of Palestine. The resolution strongly condemns Israeli plans and policies aimed at undermining the Palestinian economy and depriving the Palestinian people of their inalienable right to development, including expansionist colonial colonial policy, in various demonstrations on the entire land of occupied Palestine from Including East Jerusalem, which aims to undermine its geographical contiguity and prevent it from exploiting its natural resources, which slows down rates of economic growth and exacerbates the economic and social crisis in it. It was also stressed that the boycott of the Israeli occupation regime and invite all states, institutions, companies and individuals to commit themselves to stop all forms of management of the Israeli colonial occupation regime and its settlements in violation of international law and to invite the High Commissioner for Human Rights to publish a database of companies dealing with Israeli settlements in accordance with the resolutions of the Human Rights Council Related Human Rights Brazil has also been invited to refrain from taking positions that undermine the legal status of the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, in order to preserve the bonds of friendship and relations with the Arab countries and to affirm the determination of Member States to tackle the problem Any decision which compromises the legal status of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and adopts appropriate political and economic measures against these steps entions.

Food safety

On the initiative of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Arab food security, the summit decided to take note of developments concerning the implementation of the Al-Bashir initiative for Arab agricultural investments in Sudan and to highlight the It is important to implement all the projects contained in the initiative and to invite the Arab private sector to invest in projects provided by the initiative to achieve Arab food security. In cooperation with the Union of Arab Chambers, it welcomed the provisions adopted by the Government of the Republic of Sudan to implement the initiative, including the first meeting of the League of Arab States. The mechanism of implementation of the initiative, which includes the Government of Sudan, the Secretariat of the Arab League, the Arab funding funds, the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, the private sector and the competent organizations and federations, during the first quarter of this year and the definition of a vision to accelerate and follow up on the initiative. Emergency Plan for Arab Food Security 2017-2021 and entrusting the General Secretariat of the League and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development to complete their requirements and invite Arab funds to help provide the necessary funding to carry out projects of technical support for member countries. In addition to inviting Arab funds and institutions to provide funding for studies on the integration and trade of crops and plant and animal products in the Arab region provided by the Arab Agricultural Development Organization in accordance with the regulations of these funds and institutions.

Free trade area

The Summit also decided to take note of the executive measures for the legislative development of the Great Arab Free Trade Area by preparing supplements to supplement the region's executive program to comply with the WTO agreements and similar free zones and to ask the General Secretariat of the UN to move forward to complete all the requirements of the region, obstacles that impede the flow of trade between the Arab countries and welcome the agreements reached on the development of transparency mechanisms and the commitment of the Arab countries in the resolutions of the Economic and Social Council concerning the Great Arab Free Trade Area, Force Arab States to comply with its provisions, the mandate of the Economic and Social Council to work on completing the remaining part of the modalities of origin is agreed.

On the liberalization of trade in services, the summit decided to welcome the ratification by Jordan and Saudi Arabia of the Arab Convention for the liberalization of trade in services between Arab countries and the signing of the Convention by the Egypt and urged the Arab countries that have submitted their programs of obligations under the Convention to take the necessary steps to speed up the procedures of signing and ratifying, They are not bound by the Convention to present their membership programs.

Regarding customs cooperation, it was decided to accept the signature by Jordan and Saudi Arabia of the Customs Cooperation Agreement between the Arab States and the request of the other Arab countries to sign quickly in the implementation of the resolutions of the Economic and Social Council in this regard.

Regarding the Arab Customs Union, it was decided to take note of the measures adopted for the creation of the Union and to invite the Arab States to accelerate the completion of the requirements necessary for its establishment, in particular the process of harmonization of the unified Arab tariff categories, as one of the fundamental requirements for the establishment of the Union; The General Secretariat accelerates the completion of studies on the requirements for establishing the Union and presents its results to the Member States.

Energy strategy

The Summit also decided to approve the draft Arab Charter for the development of the SME sector in the attached format, it also decided to adopt the Arab strategy for sustainable energy 2030 and to invite the Arab countries to lead them and also Decided to congratulate the efforts of the Arab Council for Electricity and welcomed the signature by the Arab Member States of the Memorandum of Understanding and urged them to try to implement what stated therein, and to instruct the Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity to complete the documents on the joint governance of the Arab electricity market. The decision said that the study and discussion of a previous agreement to commercialize the process early to the current and prospective extension until the completion of the discussion the general agreement and the approval by the Member States before embarking on the study of documents from "government documents."

The summit also agreed on the initiative to integrate tourism and cultural and cultural heritage among the Arab countries. The Council of Ministers of Arab Tourism was appointed in coordination with the Arab Ministers of Culture to elaborate an executive plan for the Initiative and find sources to provide the necessary funding.

The summit also invited the Council of Arab Ministers responsible for the environment to develop a framework strategy for solid waste management in Arab countries and also called on Arab countries to remove obstacles to Arab economic integration projects and to invite the Arab countries to present Arab projects of integration to their Arab priorities. Finance-.

Syrian refugees

The summit invited the international community to support the Arab countries hosting refugees and to establish their own development projects to help reduce the economic and social impact of the Arab countries. And the mandate of the General Secretariat to follow up the requests presented to international donors and specialized organizations and Arab funds to guarantee the necessary funding to finance the projects provided. That will be presented by the other Arab countries hosting Syrian refugees through the Arab League, and coordination and communication with focal points in the host Arab countries and in the league. The summit decided to instruct the General Secretariat of the League to convene a meeting comprising international donors and specialized international organizations and Arab funds. Arab countries host Syrian refugees to agree on a clear and specific mechanism for project funding. It also decided to entrust the Secretariat with the task of engaging hard and attracting Arab and international investments in the host countries of Syrian refugees N based on their needs, which these countries are providing to the Secretariat with investment maps to achieve this within two months .. The summit decided to invite the international community and relevant international bodies to facilitate the return of Syrian refugees to areas where fighting has stopped.

The summit affirmed the right to return and redress Palestinian refugees and their descendants in accordance with resolutions of international legitimacy and the affirmation of the mandate given to UNRWA by the resolution of its establishment issued by the & # 39; General Assembly of the United Nations and not to prejudice its mandates or responsibilities and to change or transfer its responsibilities to the other party and to ensure that UNRWA and its legal authority remain the UN, in addition to underlining the need for the Agency to continue to assume its responsibilities in providing services to Palestinian refugees in and outside the camps in all areas of its operations, including occupied Jerusalem. The resolution affirmed the refusal of any attempt or decision to end or diminish the role and mandate of UNRWA from any country and invite the international community to commit to delegating the Agency and securing the resources and financial contributions needed for your budgets and activities. The Summit underlined the importance of continuing to provide the necessary support to the development, moral and financial for the regular programs and activities of the UNRWA and asked to find appropriate means to expand the leaders of the donor countries and increase the funds allocated to them according to their needs. Hand of their annual contributions.

The digital economy

The summit agreed in principle to study the development of a common Arab vision in the digital economy and to entrust the ministerial councils specialized in cooperation with the Arab Organization for ICT and the competences available in the countries Arabs in the form of this vision. The summit called on Member States, Arab financial institutions and funds, to provide technical and material support to Yemen within the framework of an integrated program to contribute to reconstruction and recovery, and to ensure the return of economic and social development, and invited these parties to support Yemen in the areas of refugee assistance and comprehensive health coverage, programs to support women, the rehabilitation of children and young people who have been recruited in the war, the operation of productive families and the provision of humanitarian and relief assistance to those entitled to it.

The summit emphasized the importance of implementing the resolutions of previous Arab summits on the provision of urgent financial support of $ 10 million a month for a year through the support account currently open to the Arab League to support the government's budget Somali so that it can establish and manage its institutions and implement security and stability programs and combat corruption and violence and important and necessary services. The summit called on member states to exempt Somalia's debts in support of their economy and allow them to benefit from the initiative of the highly indebted poor countries (HIPC) and to thank Algeria and Saudi Arabia for exempting Somalia from debt N implications.

Eradication of poverty

The summit adopted the Arab Strategic Framework for the Elimination of Multidimensional Poverty 2020/2030 as a framework that strengthens Arab efforts to achieve sustainable development in the Arab region. The Summit also adopted the document of the plan of family action in the Arab region as part of the implementation of the 2030 sustainable development goals as a family development agenda in the Arab region And invited the Arab countries to coordinate with the public to work on the implementation of this platform . The summit also agreed to take the initiative of the Arab League entitled "pink wallet" as a regional initiative for women's health in the Arab region and the mandate of the Secretariat in coordination with the member states The Arab strategy for the protection of children in an asylum / displacement situation, it was adopted in the Arab countries as a document to guarantee the protection of minors in the asylum situation in the Arab countries and the application of their rights. The summit adopted the recommendations "Children's work in the Arab region" as a guidance document to support the efforts of Arab countries to eliminate this phenomenon. The summit emphasized the importance of improving technical and vocational education in the Arab world and instructed the Summit Secretariat to convene a meeting of experts in the field of technical and professional education in the Arab League in coordination with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science and the participation of the bodies concerned to develop a framework for a comprehensive technical and vocational education plan in line with the labor market needs. The Summit agreed the program integration of women and girls in the development process in local communities. The General Secretariat implements this program.

The summit welcomed the invitation of Mauritania to host the next summit planned for 2023 and entrusted the General Secretariat of the League in coordination with the countries hosting the summit to prepare and prepare for its work.

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