The ECB member explodes encrypted – Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP in red

  • We will look back and ask ourselves why "we believed in this kind of fairy tale story".
  • The bitcoin price dropped above $ 4.050; the path of least resistance is south.
  • Ethereum begins the truce a week before the updating of Constantinople.

It is evident that most of the financial regulators did not deal with cryptocurrencies. Some governments have decided to close down market operations such as China and India, while other governments such as Japan have made the decision to embrace digital resources, while establishing guidelines to ensure the cryptographic markets function well.

A member of the Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) made headlines with his latest comments on cryptocurrencies. Ardo Hansson said it is likely that in a few years we will look back and wonder why "we believed in this kind of fairy tale story".

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The bitcoin is seen trading at $ 3.799 after being rejected slightly above $ 4.050. The asset began trading this week with huge gains and momentum that was probably able to exceed $ 4,100 and the December hurdle to $ 4,200. However, the former resistance, now sustained at $ 3,900, will remain firm as progress worsens.


The second largest crypt on the market is trading at $ 152, although trading began this week at around $ 160. Ethereum is trading below the 50-day SMA and 100 days in the 1-hour chart. This means that bears continue to gain ground against buyers as the community waits for the rigid fork to be updated in less than a week.

The break in the price of Ethereum begins before updating the rigid fork

Ripple & # 39; s XRP

The XRP, on the other hand, is changing hands at $ 0.3699, although this week has reached peaks close to $ 0.39. Like the aforementioned activities, XRP is also in the red with a slight 0.78% loss on Tuesday. The likely direction for XRP is downward towards the next support target at $ 0.36. Furthermore, stronger support is highlighted at $ 0.34.

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