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The earthquake of 6.7 shook the center of Chile

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A magnitude 6.7 earthquake with an epicenter at sea off the central coast of chile It is felt today in five regions, mainly Coquimbo, Valparaíso and Atacama, as well as O & Higgins and the Metropolitan, according to the authorities.

The earthquake occurred at 10:33 pm local time and its epicenter was in the ocean 16 kilometers northwest of the city of Tongoy, in the central region of Coquimbo about 400 kilometers north of Santiago, on the Costa del Sol. Pacific Ocean.

The earthquake occurred at a depth of 69.2 kilometers, reported the Seismological Center of the University of chile.

Initially, the National Emergency Office (Onemi) has decreed the evacuation of the coastal area of ​​Coquimbo near the epicenter before the possibility of a tsunami, although some minutes later the Hydrographic Service and Oceanographic of chile (SHOA) and Onemi itself has discarded the warning.

According to Onemi, the tremor was perceived with intensity VIII from the international scale of Mercalli in the cities of Coquimbo and La Serena, in the Coquimbo region.

With intensity VI could be felt in the cities of Freirina, Vallenar and Huasco (region of Atacama), and in Zapallar (Valparaíso region).

With intensity V was appreciated in Santiago, Peñaflor, El Monte and Talagante (metropolitan region); Valparaíso and Quillota (Valparaíso region); and Alto del Carmen, Copiapó and Tierra Amarilla (region of Atacama).

With intensities lower than V it was also perceived in the region of O & Higgins, south of Santiago and more than 500 kilometers from the epicenter.

The Onemi have reported that they are still assessing the possible damage that could have caused the earthquake in the affected areas

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