The duke celebrates the red circular of the Interpol against Jesús Santrich


On Thursday, August 22, President Iván Duque announced the announcement by Interpol of the issue of a red circular for drug trafficking against the former commander of the missing revolutionary armed forces of Colombia and the current MP Jesús Santrich.

From the city of Cartagena, in the north of the country, Duque asked "this is an opportunity for the whole world to join the capture of these criminals. No more teasing for the Colombian people, no more teasing for justice … That citizen (Santrich) behaved like a gangster and his attitude in seeking refuge in the country that promotes and defends terrorism, as it is the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro ratifies it. So I hope this red circular serves to capture that criminal. "

The Colombian president has stated on several occasions that Venezuela is not only Santrich but also Iván Márquez and several guerrilla leaders of the National Liberation Army (ELN).

The red circular issued by Interpol in its 194 member countries shows several photographs of Santrich, whose real name is Seuxis Paucias Hernández Solarte, 53, necessary for the alleged crimes in concert to aggravate crime and traffic and manufacturing of drugs.

On July 9th, the Supreme Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Santrich, current member of Congress for the party of the common alternative force, to investigate an investigation for his alleged participation in sending cocaine in the United States. That country asks him to extradite that crime.

Santrich's position has been unknown since June 29 when he rejected his security plan and left the territory of La Guajira, in the north of the country, where he was. The Colombian authorities offer a reward of up to one million dollars for any information that allows you to locate it.

As part of the peace agreement signed between the government of former president Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2018) and the FARC in 2016, former combatants reached ten seats in the Colombian bicameral congress, including Santrich.

The peace agreement guarantees non-custodial sentences for guerrilla commanders who respect the truth and the reparation processes of the victims, but the crimes committed after the signing of the pact must be tried by ordinary justice.

Defense Minister Guillermo Botero recently told the Associated Press that there are about 1,700 dissidents in that group in different parts of the country.

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