The doctor who defeated Coron: I don’t remember the first 5 days


Internal Disease Specialist Dr. Asena Serap Yalçınkaya began her mission by defeating Covid-19 and was captured. He got sick last month and was treated for 10 days in his hospital for the first 3 days, then at Fırat University Hospital when his condition worsened. Yalçınkaya went through a difficult process. Yalçınkaya, who did not remember 5 days during her hospital stay, said she could not breathe deeply for 20 days and had difficulty climbing even 1 floor ladder now.


Stating that the process has been taking care intensively of patients with Covid-19 from the beginning to date, specialist Dr. Asena Serap Yalçıhkaya said: “I was taking care of my patients by protecting my personal protective equipment in the form of double masks, gowns and goggles. But once again they caught me. It started with body aches in the first place. At the time, I didn’t think it was Covid-19, I thought it was a chore. But when my mom and brother got out, I took the test and found out I was positive. I had a severe fever and back pain on the 5th day of my illness. I had trouble breathing. In fact, I had a 10 day treatment period in the hospital. I don’t remember the first 5 days. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t see my needs. I also fought a serious psychological warfare. “I always empathized with my patients, but I understood very well what the patients were feeling at that time.”

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Explaining the treatment process, Dr. Yalçınkaya said: “I am still out of breath when I speak. I still have the symptoms. I cannot go up more than 1 floor of stairs. The air you breathe burns all your lungs, I really felt it. I don’t remember breathing deeply for 20 days. “He spoke.


Emphasizing that the mask is very important, Yalçınkaya said: “It provides protection up to 70 percent. In addition to this, hand hygiene. We must be careful to limit social relations a little more. Also, it has not been scientifically proven how Covid-19 will make a discovery in who. It can cause very different clinical pictures. Personal immunity is at the forefront. To strengthen our personal immunity, I recommend natural nutrition, attention to sleep and hygiene. I was interested in racing and I did a race, I couldn’t participate. I missed playing sports. I missed taking care of my son and spending time for him. I can give everything to go back 1 month ”. (İHA)


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