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The DNA of Guacho's mother corresponds to the body

Almost a month after the operation in which he was killed Walter Patricio Arizala or Luis Alfredo Pai Jiménez, also known as Guacho, the head of the Oliver Sinisterra front, Legal Medicine of Colombia has completed DNA tests to confirm his identity.

Verification: confirm that & # 39; Guacho & # 39; his name is not Walter Patricio Arizala

Margarita Vernaza, mother of Guacho, traveled from Ecuador to Ipiales, Colombia, to perform DNA tests and was ultimately successful, according to several Colombian media such as Caracol.

This, after the episode interpreted by the alleged biological father of Guacho, who last week went to do the DNA test, but since they did not correspond, it was necessary to go to other relatives to establish their identity.

Also: the DNA of Guacho's father does not match that of the body

The prosecutors arrived where Guacho's sisters were locating their mother, there the forensic doctors took the tests and compared them to confirm that it was actually the dissident dissident.

Now, the prosecutor's office will be able to deliver the body to the mother or sisters, provided they can not do it, because it is not excluded that it will later be necessary during the investigation.

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