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The divers swim with a giant shark off the coast of Hawaii

A big White shark, believed to be one of the largest so far recorded, was seen just off the Hawaiian coast by divers who swam by its side.

The female shark about 6 meters long, measures almost similar to those of "Deep Blue", the largest shark recorded so far (7 meters), appeared on Tuesday in surprise with other sharks who had fun with the whale sperm on Oahu.

"We saw some (tiger sharks) and then she and all the other sharks broke apart and started to touch the boat," said Ocean Ramsey, one of the divers, Star Honolulu Consultant.

"It was just this gigantic, delicate beauty that wanted to use our boat like a scratching post," added Ramsey, who swam alongside the shark all day long, producing marvelous images. "We arrived at dawn and we stayed with us almost all day".

Ramsey said the animal, which is estimated to be around 50 years old and weighs about 2.5 tons, was "extraordinarily large" and probably pregnant.

Seeing white sharks off the coast of Hawaii is rare because the water is very hot.

"Deep Blue", which has its own Twitter account and was the subject of a documentary several years ago, was first seen near the island of Guadalupe in Mexico.

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