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The divers in Hawaii meet face to face with a giant white shark

It could be the largest individual ever recorded, six meters long and almost three meters high. They suspect that it was in a state of gestation.

The biologist Ocean Ramsey with the white shark.

The images are captivating. A group of divers who dived into the ocean off the coast of Oahi, Hawaii, came face to face with what could be the biggest white shark ever recorded. (You might be interested: sharks and humans, an unequal battle)

According to the portal member the divers met the shark as they watched the carcass of a whale decomposing on the coast. Attracted by the smell, the female shark, who was also pregnant, arrived in the area while the rest of the small sharks began to disperse.

"He was just a nice and kind giant who wanted to use our boat to scratch, we saw it from dawn and she stayed with us all day," explained marine biologist Ocean Ramsey. Insider. Although there are still no precise data on shark size, they estimated that it would measure about 20 feet (6 meters) in length and eight (2.43 meters) in height. (Read: The new species of shark that lives in the depths of the Atlantic)

Apart from the gigantic dimensions, what surprised the biologists was to meet a white shark in Hawaii, because they tend to wander the coasts of California where the water is colder than the island. In fact, they suspect that the shark they have encountered is "Deep Blue", the largest white shark that has been recorded so far and that has been seen previously on the Island of Guadalupe in Mexico. The difference is that this time it would be in the gestation period. However, until now it is an unconfirmed hypothesis.

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