The developers of Ethereum launch the world's fastest explorer blockchain, EnjinX


In evidence Product hunting, EnjinX is the world's fastest Ethereum explorer for up to 30 seconds. It provides real-time locks and even displays live tickers for pending and internal transactions. To protect users from cluttered messaging and promotional effort, Enjin has committed to keeping EnjinX without permanent advertising. Instead of taking advantage of the user's attention, the team plans to generate revenue by providing robust APIs for developers and blockchain integration tools that further enhance the adoption of the Ethereum network.

EnjinX of token index in real time provides the latest data for the first 200 tokens, making it the best place to view current prices, volumes and market capitalizations for ERC-20 tokens. The innovative explorer also has man-made address labels that link names to known blockchain addresses, making search, search and contextual search even easier.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets, the new "Google search of blockchain" offers a personalized experience that allows users to choose between different themes, night and day modes and currencies. The platform also supports over 20 languages, so users all over the world can explore Ethereum in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and even English pirate.

Authorized to operate inside China, EnjinX will provide native Chinese translations and has internal resident servers China to improve performance. The service is fully compliant with all laws and regulations, so Chinese developers will be able to use the EnjinX services directly China, without fear of the tools that rely on the closure of the government.

EnjinX will soon be updated with the support of next-generation ERC-1155 and legacy ERC-721 token standards, allowing users to browse blockchain assets ranging from gaming and collectibles to digital art and even books based on blockchain. In the future, the team will also start the full support of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, along with a powerful REST API that provides live blockchain data to apps, websites and smart devices.

Enjin specializes in developing tools to support applications based on Ethereum. In addition to EnjinX, they have launched a critically acclaimed cryptocurrency portfolio and they are building development tools that simplify blockchain integration into games, apps, websites and smart devices. The EthCeum-based ERC-1155 tokens are currently integrated into 29 games using the Enjin platform.

Unity Technologies has announced its intention to list Enjin's Blockchain Software Development Kit (SDK) on the front page of its asset store. As the largest gaming development platform in the world, Unity's list of the SDK Blockchain will allow 4.5 million Unity developers to beat ERC-1155 tokens and manage complex gaming mechanics through transactions on the blockchain of Ethereum.

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