The debate is reborn in France – La Nouvelle Tribune


But where does covid-19 come from? For many experts, the disease began due to transmission between animals and humans. For others, it could be a leak from a laboratory, making possible the idea that humans are behind the pandemic. A theory that circulated a lot during the first imprisonment, but which was soon regarded as a conspiracy.

However, a team of French researchers has just revived the debate. Since last April, the Dr. Jacques Fiorentino, a former emergency doctor, said at the time that the new coronavirus could not have been man-made. According to the latter, the covid was then passed from animals to humans. The idea that the virus had escaped from a laboratory seemed even far-fetched, with the levels of safety of a type P4 laboratory highly developed.

Covid-19, from a laboratory?

However, a team of 5 researchers published a study in Medecine / Sciences. Regarding this article, Dr √Čtienne Decroly told reporters from Le Parisien that the thesis of the accident could not be ruled out. In fact, the host animal of the virus has not yet been discovered. The pangolin, once suspected, was later cleared. The only certainty, the bat is really involved.

The trail of human error, not excluded

In case the virus escaped from a laboratory, the disease would descend directly from a bat isolated by scientists. The virus would have been grown in the laboratory, on animal subjects, to understand how such a disease could pass from an animal model to a human subject. It would therefore be a virus, probably resulting from a series of medical research aimed at better understanding and learning this barrier between humans and animals.

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