The current price of Electroneum (ETN) is irrelevant, that's why



The Electronum ETN coin is currently priced at less than one cent. That's right, $ 0.09859 at the time of printing. And it could not care less. No, really! You would like this project. When the price of the token rises, we like the news, but when it comes down we are not at all bothered. Why? Because the price is not equivalent to the value.

If you read a lot of encrypted news, you have found the term "technical analysis" which is a set of statistical tools that focus on the price of an activity to calculate forecasts on future price behavior in different time horizons. This is all about the price. But even the greedy financial world understands that value is a different thing.

There is still another branch of market forecasts called "fundamental analysis" where the price is irrelevant and it goes by value. In this context, the job is to find precious things that are underestimated, buy them and let the market correct. This is one of the ways Warren Buffet has become one of the richest men in the world.

A famous example of this dichotomy was the situation in which Apple found itself a couple of decades ago. He was about to go down, and his stock price was falling. Apple was very close to disappearing. This was caused by the prices. But someone realized that Apple had a value, whatever the price. It was Bill Gates.

Microsoft was the largest software maker for Apple computers and Gates realized that he could not afford to let go of that business. For him, Apple had a value equivalent to, very roughly, half of Microsoft's business. So what did he do? He bought a lot of Apple shares, which was a very publicized move that returned to the market the confidence he had lost on the value of Apple. Apple survived and Bill Gates became even richer.

Electroneum is not Apple, of course. It is a novice project that does not risk disappearing, but the situation is similar as ETN is seriously underestimated because the market has not yet understood how precious it is. If you do not know what Electroneum is or why it's worth something, keep reading, we'll tell you.

Electroneum comes to life as a Monero fork but with a very strong emphasis on mobility and micropayment. It aims to use its token, its applications and platforms to provide financial services to anyone in the world with a mobile phone. This has important implications.

A lot of people all over the planet own a cell phone but do not have a bank account. So they do not have access to basic financial services. The whole point in Electroneum (and in the fintech sector as a whole) is to serve the unbanked. It is a huge part of the world's population

ETN, like any other cryptographic currency, can also serve as protection against a financial crisis (local or global). If your national fiat currency is under attack for any reason, you can simply put your savings in Electroneum (or XRP, or BTC, etc.) and avoid the pain of seeing it lose value due to inflationary pressure.

Then there is the mobile mining function. This token is not extracted in computers or specialized hardware, but in mobile phones. All you need to do is install an app, and you're done. Your phone will put a small amount of ETN tokens every day. This is simply revolutionary. Your simple smartphone will give you a free sample of money every day. And this is also a big marketing because the ease of use and free tokens will capture the interest of many people who would otherwise not pay attention to cryptography.

Another of the features of the project is the payment system. It's fast, safe, almost free. So instead of using a remittance system like Western Union, you could soon use your Electroneum app to send money abroad.

Last but not least. All the features mentioned above will lead to mass adoption sooner or later. The ETN will become very useful and at that moment the price will increase, as it will be driven by real economic forces rather than by speculation.

So do not despise Electroneum just because it's cheap. Do you remember the initial Bitcoin price? It was $ 0.008. Install the app, do a few tokens, get some free money. And, for now, do not worry about the price.

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