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The cryptocurrency user sends $ 62 million to Litecoin (LTC) by paying $ 0.50 in taxes

The cryptocurrency user sends $ 62 million to Litecoin (LTC) by paying $ 0.5 dollars in taxes

Cryptocurrencies are helping people negotiate funds in a very simple way. Some of the many advantages offered by virtual currencies are speed, reliability and reduced costs. This time, an anonymous user of Litecoin sent $ 62 million to Litecoin by paying only $ 0.5 dollars to be processed. Information about this transaction can be seen here.

The user had to send 1,222,220.89 LTC so that it was worth $ 62 million dollars. This equates to 1.45% of the entire Litecoin supply limited to 84 million LTC. If we consider Litecoin's current offer of 59 million LTC, this number reaches 2.07%.

According to a blog post uploaded by Litecoin.com on November 9th, the user could be an exchange that is sending funds to another portfolio. The transaction was carried out with a multi-signature address that would provide greater security to the owners of these funds. Multi-signature portfolios are safer because transactions must be signed by multiple parties. The previous addresses do not require more people to sign the transaction.

The blog post explains that the transaction contained several inputs of 20,000 LTC. The address that sent the funds still has a balance of 150,000 LTC. In this case too, Litecoin.com states that the address could be associated with a cryptocurrency grant that transfers funds.

By the way, the blog post reads as follows:

"This address has many different transactions done on and from it on a fairly common basis, suggesting that this is most likely the hot wallet for exchange and these transactions are users who deposit and withdraw funds from the platform.If you use an exchange and withdrawals Litecoin is arrived from this address, you can understand the owners. "

Litecoin is one of the largest and most important virtual currencies in the market. At the time of writing each LTC coin can be purchased for $ 52 dollars. Litecoin is the seventh cryptography on the market with a capitalized value of $ 3.08 billion.

A few days ago, we wrote on BitcoinExchangeGuide that an unknown user has processed a mega-transaction using the Ripple register. The user has moved 150,000,000 of XRP worth $ 75 million to date.

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