The Crypto game allows warriors to be equipped with two platforms


Game developer Crypto 0xGames, creator of blockchain-based space strategy 0xUniverse created a new multi-blockchain competitive battler, titled 0xWarriors. The company says that 0xWarriors is one of the first multi-blockchain games in which players can use different blockchains, starting with EOS and Ethereum, to interact with each other and equip their characters.

EOS sword and ETH shield

0xWarriors is a multiplayer game in which users can fight, participate in weekly tournaments and equip themselves with different objects that collect or trade in an internal market. 0xGames has announced that 0xWarriors will be launched first on the EOS platform and the Ethereum blockchain platform will be connected to the game in the coming months. According to the game developer, this will make 0xWarriors one of the first multi blockchain games on the market.

0xGames says that normally multi-blockchain games have a split player base and users can not really interact with each other inside the game or exchange resources between blockchains. "0xWarriors has a true multi-blockchain approach," the company said. This means that users can get different items for their warriors from different blockchains. For example, they can own an EOS sword and an ETH shield. 0xGames promises that it does not matter which blockchain the tokens are on – players will be able to use all digital resources at any time.

0xGames believes that the combination of the two ecosystems will unite two different audiences in a game world where players can exchange playable objects. They announced that there are five warriors in a team, and each user can have up to 10 teams. The warriors are free but the equipment must be won or purchased. Using these elements, players can customize their characters in a unique way and each object also has unique attributes that improve battle performance.

Live public tournaments and free cash registers

0xGames plans to keep the player base active and entertained by organizing private and public multiplayer tournaments. These tournaments will be broadcast live on platforms like Twitch or alternative blockchain. The last three participants will receive special bonuses, a percentage of the revenue collected from the event and free funds with items. Armor, objects and warriors differ for a variety of parameters. For example, objects have four different levels of rarity: common, rare, epic and legendary. There are eight types of armor, including light, heavy, one- or two-handed weapons, bows, wands and shields. Warriors are ordered by force, damage, endurance, intelligence and dexterity. If the player's team wins the battle, the player can get attribute points, which are used to improve the individual parameters of their warriors.

0xGames promised to release the detailed project roadmap after the presale has been completed. Currently, users can purchase boxes that include three random items such as light, heavy or one-handed weapons or bows, wands and shields.

0xWarriors has partnered with Asian companies like Meet.One, a block-wallet and block maker and TokenPocket, a cryptographic portfolio, to help grow the user base after the game has become popular since its launch. Presales of company tokens are currently open.

Information on the game developer

The team at 0xGames began collaborating in November 2017. Their first product was 0xUniverse, a game based on the Ethereum blockchain, in which players can colonize the planets in a 3D rendered galaxy. After successfully launching 0xUniverse, the company has announced new games 0xBattleships and 0xWarriors.

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