The completion of the TRON virtual machine is approaching



By August 30th, the release date of TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), approaching, the team behind the coin decided to release a complete update of Crypto MainNet .

The TRON (TRX) community has witnessed further progress of its favorite crypt. TRON Virtual Machine plans to release its full version within a few days. With such a situation, the team also completed the new update for the TRON MainNet.

The TRON VM is currently still in its beta version, and will remain so for about 10 days more. With this date approaching quickly, TRON has also decided that it should improve the efficiency of the platform with a new MainNet update. Justin Sun, the true founder of TRON, addressed the details in a recently published open letter explaining all the important aspects of the transition to the money community.

TRON Virtual Machine and MainNet are approaching

According to Sun's announcement, TRON VM is about to arrive on August 30, after spending more than a month in its beta version. The beta version was launched on June 25, with excellent results. At the same time, the team activated the TRON MainNet. On July 30th the blockchain reached a height of 1,009,319. The largest number of transactions per day in this time period was 49,518, with the number of global nodes reaching 367. Finally, it also announced that the number of accounts reached 75,206.

He ended the announcement by informing money advocates that they can expect the official version of TVM on August 30th, along with the MainNet update.

During one of his interviews, Sun said the team is ready to launch TVM and MainNet update. However, the team does not want to hurry anything. Instead, they are taking all the necessary tests to ensure that the launch will go smoothly. With the MainNet already running for almost two months, the team is trying to improve it in order to make it able to support the TRON VM, which will be used to create the dApp.

Why is the MainNet and TRON virtual machine so important?

The MainNet upgrade and the TRON Virtual Machine are both scheduled for August 30th, and this event will greatly improve the TRON network, as well as providing additional functionality. According to Justin Sun, TRON's blockchain will become much faster after August 30, with a speed of over 200 times that of Ethereum.

This is a great thing for the TRON community because the platform will also be more scalable after the update. Many in the community expect new platforms and projects based on the TRON protocol to start appearing in the days following the event. Moreover, with more activities on the TRON network, the coin will gain even more visibility and meaning. In the end, many hope this can lead to massive price increases for TRX.

And while only time can tell what will actually happen, from what we have seen so far, this is definitely a viable possibility.

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