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The companies are optimistic about the adoption of blockchain, survey states

A study by Tata Communications, a leading global infrastructure provider, says companies want to adopt blockchain. However, few obstacles are coming. It signals little concern as a key barrier to adoption is costs, IT security and privacy.

According to the survey, many decision makers around the world are confident about digital solutions and in particular the companies of Europe and North America. The survey also highlighted the growth of other technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). He also highlighted that companies are confident about the potential of technological innovation and its impact.

As for one of the Tata Communications officers,

"While the AI ​​machine may be noisy in overdrive, it seems that companies are currently evaluating both IoT and predictive analytics as the most important factors in digital transformation compared to the uses of emerging from the IA we hear about so much. "

He added that about 41% of board members and 33% of C-level employees believe they are leading the industry globally in the adoption of new technologies.

Prosperity together with problems

The study also shows that Asian and Middle Eastern decision makers see more profits and benefits in implementing these technologies than in Europe and North America. The deployment of new technologies is a problem that is emerging all over the world. About 38% of Americans and 36% of Indians reported that after the adoption of the IA, they faced security issues.

But in general, respondents have a positive social impact globally that helps them go beyond their business.

In India, after the Reserve Bank has initiated a ban on cryptocurrency and blockchain, the decision is still underway. Yesterday, it was news that the Indian government could legalize the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but there is still a long way to go. We will continue to update you with all the details and further surveys conducted by any other company each time they leave.

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