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The Colombian authorities have frustrated the attack of the ELN against the army and the police

20 January 2019 07:48
Updated 20 January 2019 at 7:59 pm

The Colombian authorities have blocked Sunday a new terrorist attack by the National Liberation Army (ELN) against members of the army and police in the center of the country, similar to that on Thursday in which 20 police cadets are dead in Bogota.

The incident occurred in the village of La Gaitana, in the municipality of Cubará, in the department of Boyacá, where an explosive device was detected on the highway that connects that area of ​​the country with the department of Arauca, on the border with Venezuela, official sources report. .

The site where ELN was about to attack is traveled by about 3,000 people every day, including residents, tourists, soldiers and police.

In fact, it has been indicated that in that area remain the armored vehicles of the Mechanized Cavalry Group number 18, General Gabriel Revéiz Pizarro, of the army in which the patrols are made.

"They found more or less 120 kilos of explosives, 70 of pentolite and about 50 of anf", told the journalists the commander of the eighteenth army brigade, Colonel Jorge Luis Agudelo.

Agudelo said that the installed load power is similar to the 80 kilos of pentolite that ELN used on Thursday in a terrorist attack with a car bomb at the cadet school of the General Police Francisco de Paula Santander in Bogotá, where died. 21 people, including the attacker, and 68 others were injured.

"We managed to break down those explosives that, when they exploded, would have destroyed everything they found in their path, a tragedy that we could surely avoid thanks to the rapid work of our troops," said the uniformed officer.

The discovery took place at 8:30 am, just when the inhabitants of the area were preparing to march against ELN terrorism.

Last Sunday a massive protest was held across the country in front of the violent in response to the police school, presided over by Colombian president Iván Duque.

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