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The collective profile of Blockchain Art by Cryptograffiti promotes the Bitcoin Lightning network for payments


The auction of Art Micro leads to focus the bitcoin lighting network

Art is expressive of its times, a certain je ne sais quoi that the artist wants to highlight. And this is exactly what was achieved when a recent auction was held for the work of Cryptograffiti, simply called "Black Swan".

The piece is exactly what you'd expect it to be – a black swan sitting next to what appears to be a pond of leaves. Interestingly, however, the artist used only pieces from a fiat dollar bill and a counterfeit detector pen ink to create the piece.

What's special about it?

The artist who follows the moniker Cryptograffiti on the Reddit forums, has shared the journey, from the conceptualization to the realization and the sale to the auction of his art. The rather tiny piece has the tiny dimensions of 1.44 in x 1.75 inches (3.55 cm x 4.44 cm).

However, the thing that caught every attention was the fact that he auctioned this job to the highest bidder. The winner would have paid a thousand-satoshi. This has a value of around $ 0.000000037, making this the world's cheapest win at an auction.

Bitcoin Lightning Network [LN]

The idea was clearly not monetary gains, but in fact to highlight the capabilities of Bitcoin LN. In his blog, Cryptograffiti noticed this

"Yesterday I auctioned this piece to the highest bidder to help promote the lightning network.The piece was sold for 1 milli-satoshi or $ 0.000000037 through the Lightning network, which makes it possible to send a fraction of a Satoshi, the lowest possible amount that could otherwise be transferred to the Bitcoin blockchain. "

The potential offered by such a low-cost offer clearly shows the potential of the network. The artist added this by commenting on his opinion, on a future where such micropayments are not just a reality but are omnipresent. exclaims

"I am thrilled with a future where micropayments are omnipresent: paid artists from the point of view, writers from the poem, musicians from listening."

He hopes that this will turn into a society in which worldly interactions allow for a positive monetary strengthening. He wants to be able to use Bitcoin to "tip someone who allows you to merge traffic". The hope is that this auction will show the possibilities that can be obtained using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin LN has already successfully performed the microtransaction. At the beginning of the year, Poketoshi allowed players to pay 10 Satoshi (around $ 0.0004) per move while playing the Pokemon game. Another attempt allows people to paint on a digital canvas for 1 Satoshi per pixel.

Who is Cryptograffiti

While not much is known about the person behind the nickname, cryptograffiti, is considered one of the pioneers in cryptographic space. He dedicated himself to spreading the blockchain movement.

It also explores the avenues of alternative revenue channels that this technology offers. In a curious mix of capitalism and cyberpunk, the artist explains

"Well, my art, as well as merit, is all about spreading the movement, I see every t-shirt as little mini billboards, and I think it's important to bring some humor to the mix with something like that important and disruptive as cryptocurrency / blockchain ".

A revolution is worth as much as its leaders, it is encouraging to note that there are many artists, writers and traders who still trust the possibilities offered by the Blockchain.

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