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The co-founder of Bitcoin.org calls BCH "The Broken Fork", argues that Bitcoin Cash will be Dead Soon

The co-founder of Bitcoin.org calls BCH

With the introduction of one of the first hard forks in the Bitcoin world, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born. And since then, it has been regarded as a revelation to all those involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, with the aim of redefining what Bitcoin is.

Despite having high hopes in the days following the forced grip, 18 months later, we see another future for Bitcoin Cash. It is in this period of time that he fell down from the ranks, even overcoming the home runs.

This fall from grace is something that will not change, in Cobra's mind, which is the otherwise enigmatic name given to the famous co-founder of cryptocurrency websites, Bitcoin.org and Bitcointalk.org. According to him, Bitcoin Cash is officially worthless and has a sharp decline to come.

According to his Twitter account of January 18th, Cobra claimed that Bitcoin Cash is on a darker trajectory and a slide down down to his inevitable death. It is a profound lack of innovative vision and fundamental purpose. This is why Cobra firmly believes that its value will drop to zero over the years.

It is in some of his tweets that he stated:

"Bitcoin is officially dead, what it needs is a new and energetic leadership, as well as direction and purpose, otherwise it will be dead and worth $ 0 in a few years".

When Cobra was contacted for further comments regarding the prospects of what kind of leadership Bitcoin Cash would need, and the kind of perspectives there are for this.

The final irony that this relates to something that is totally in contradiction with the whole function of Bitcoin. Cobra continued by declaring:

"True, but this is Bitcoin Cash, not Bitcoin, where Bitcoin can survive effectively without centralized leadership, but Bitcoin Cash is a different system and must be shown that way."

One of the other comments made in Cobra was by Ryan_Pafumi:

"Bitcoin Cash has always been useless, just like all the hard forks turned out to be like. And now, with the way it is, Bitcoin Cash must already be put down."

There are a number of other users who have come out of the woodwork to express their critical opinions on Bitcoin Cash, in particular with the most recent hard fork of the BCH, which led to the emergence of the now classified 10th cryptocurrency – Bitcoin SV. Since then this new event has been supported by Craig Wright of nChain, as well as by Calvin Ayre.

Entering this rigid fork in November, another user stated:

"It is in anticipation that we can see the most ideal solution to be selling BCH weeks after it has drilled everything before it falls to 0."

It goes without saying that one of the biggest supporters of Bitcoin Cash was the CEO of Bitcoin.com, Roger Ver, who is more than willing in the way he praises the Bitcoin Hard Fork. Ver went on to say that the product of Bitcoin Cash's rigid fork – which is Bitcoin ABC, a new iteration has since led a downward trend since it developed.

At the beginning of the week, Roger Ver claimed that Bitcoin Cash, in the course of 2019, is constantly taking on the responsibilities that Bitcoin should assume since its launch.

Ver, within the same tweet, argued that the original white paper for Bitcoin, highlighting its fundamental purpose, was like a "cash-to-peer peer to peer" solution, which Bitcoin introduced to the market, and is a mechanic that BCH represents the best example for.

Cobra took the time to respond quickly to Roger Ver via twitter, repeating:

"Does anyone know how the White Paper directs users to .ORG and not to .COM, otherwise false, that Satoshi went on to say that he had" nothing to do "with Bitcoin? You're definitely the only one to deceive people. here! "

Finally, those people who opposed Bitcoin Cash have expressed a significant amount of annoyance to Ver regarding his digital domain, Bitcoin.com, and his relentless narrative based on Bitcoin Cash.

It was as a result of what the individual behind Bitcoin's error recording system, John Carvalho, continued to challenge Roger Ver to a sort of "fight" for rights over Bitcoin.com.

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