The Chinese company Blockchain Yuanben will protect the safety of global maritime data


SHANGHAI ago. 19, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Recently, Yuanben and Maritime Silk Road Platform co-signed the "Blockchain Technical Service Cooperation Agreement", to provide services of blockchain for global transport maritime therefore to guarantee the safety of maritime transport of goods in to reliable and efficient mode . The platform of the Maritime Silk Road is subordinated to the logistics group Zhuozhi.

According to the agreement, blockchain technology will be used to provide distribution of nodes, digital content deposit certificates and a load tracking search interface.

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is the current universally accepted standard of unambiguously tracking the position of a vessel allowing terrestrial companies to access the path traced current speed and bearing of their fleet. The AIS tranceiver, now installed on almost all commercial ships and many [1945901] privately owned of yachts, also serve as secondary radars collision regulations (COLREG ).

Dr. Cai Kunying, head of the Maritime Silk Road Platform, said: "This cooperation is a successful example of the combination of emerging blockchain technology and traditional information management systems technology: Yuanben's blockchain technology will protect the global Silk Road transport. " [19659003] Fan Xi, head of the blockchain initiative of Yuanben said: "Support for blockchain technology for offshore silk is a new expansion and innovation in the application of blockchain , which exemplifies cooperation between emerging technology blockchains and traditional information systems This successful example of a combination of management system technologies will promote a more efficient, transparent and secure development of the supply chain sector and accelerate modernization [19659010] of global trade.

Maritime Silk Road is a public reservation platform on the Internet providing global paths.It has collected a series of resources of first class agents and established global logistics networks in Hong Kong [19659012] Guangzhou Shenzhen Shanghai Ningbo Nanjing Xiamen Qingdao and Tianjin . There are also branches of additional offline services.

The Yuanben blockchain is a network of distributed underlying data. Its core technology is based on decentralized Trusted Content Protocol (DTCP) to provide fast, efficient and complete closed-loop solutions for reliable, traceable security. The blockchain Yuanben was also the first company in China to use blockchain technology for copyright protection.

By building nodes around the world, the Yuanben project has become a highly scalable chain of trusted alliances. The use of smart contracts and encrypted algorithms allows for a sustainable interaction of data within the chain including the security of data transmission. Uniquely, the Yuanben chain and the interlocking mechanism "Yuanben DNA" ensure that the data on the chain are 100% irreversible. The Yuanben lightning DNA algorithm can be extended to support millions of TPS. The Yuanben chain can improve the accuracy of block writing time to milliseconds by optimizing the consent mechanism of the upgrade.

In international freight transport, due to the long cycle and opaque logistic information the goods are difficult to trace, which invisibly increases the costs of logistics management and increases the risk of loss of cargo . Through the Yuanben DNA labeling technology, the Silk Road of the Sea can add a unique digital identity for each batch of goods and its logistics trajectory, making the handling of goods safer and more efficient, using irreparable modification and the traceability of blockchain technology. In the process, the logistics information is updated in real time and the freight transport process is followed quickly, to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination accurately and safely.

It is reported that the Yuanben and the Maritime Silk Road Platform will explore many other methods of cooperation in the future, bringing the logistics sector as an entry point and blockchain technology will truly serve the physical supply chain. It will help to expand the activities of Maritime Silk Road Platform on a global scale and to accompany the international logistics services of Maritime Silk Road Platform . The platform of the Maritime Silk Road will help the blockchain Yuanben technology to disembark and promote the effective connection between the blockchain technology and the traditionally recognized economies.

At present, Yuanben collaborates with authoritative organized media ons as Petal Net, Fotor and other great original images platforms, Beijing Daily and daily business economic news. In addition, the Yuanben blockchain also provides a series of blockchain services for various government agencies and copyright agencies.

"As a pioneer in the field of blockchain technology, which is highly appreciated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Yuanben blockchain will also carry out extensive and cross-border cooperation in various fields in the future, "said Fan Xi

Participating in the strategy" Internet + "and the" One Belt, One Road Initiative ", Yuanben hopes for help more Chinese enterprises to become global .

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